Here’s How Bedtime Stories Are Great for Your Kids!

The cozy bedtime stories ritual does more than prepare your child for sleep. Bedtime stories have long been known to foster parent-child bonds and prepare children for a good night’s sleep. But lately, researchers have attached more powers to this simple nighttime routine. 

Benefits of Bedtime Stories for Preschool Development

Researchers suggest that bedtime stories have a direct relation to neurological development. A clear difference between the kids who regularly indulge in bedtime stories as compared to the kids who do not is notable. However, the good news is that these discrepancies are not permanent and can be brought up to the mark. Researchers have found that electronic images or videos in today’s age help children who may be poor readers to pick up a little activity in the verbal-processing areas. 

Feeling a bit tired of reading the same stories over and over? Although repeated reading is actually really helpful, you can switch to bedtime story videos to change things up a little. 

Top Benefits of Reading Bedtime Stories for kids

Bedtime stories for kids have been around for centuries. Inevitably, listening to classic fairytales is a treasured part of childhood. Besides parent-child bonding time, bedtime stories can have many benefits for kids. 

We’ve known that sparing some time to read or watch a bedtime story helps kids wind down at the end of the day. But little did we know that a simple activity such as a bedtime story routine is actually great for developing language skills and many other cognitive competencies. Bedtime stories can teach kids values, morals, and other essential life lessons. 

There are many reasons why bedtime stories for kids are so beneficial. Here are just a few of the benefits of bedtime stories for preschool development: 

1. Helps Kids To Relax Before Bedtime

It is important for the kids to feel relaxed before bed to fall asleep quickly and have a restful night. After a busy and energetic day at school, running around, playing, and learning new things, a bedtime story routine can be an excellent time for kids to sit back, relax, and wind down. As a result, kids can transition from all the day’s excitement to a calm state before bed. 

2. Promotes a Healthy bond Between Kids And Parents/Guardians.

Days are usually busy, and finding the time to sit together and share a few valuable moments can be tough. Especially for parents who are working and occupied throughout the day. Bedtime stories are a great way for kids to feel close to their parents or guardians. It is crucial for kids to feel close to their parents. When the kids and parents spend time together, either reading a storybook or watching fairy tales on Youtube, kids feel loved and cared for, and parents get to spend some quality time as a family.  

3. Improves Kids’ Imaginative Skills.

There is something creative and whimsical about bedtime stories that translate directly to kids. Bedtime stories can help fire up kids’ imaginations. When they watch or listen to stories, they picture the events in their minds. It further encourages kids to think out of the box. As they get older, kids become more empowered to use their imagination to develop their own bedtime stories to tell you. All in all, having a great imagination is a valuable skill that will help them in many areas of their life in the long run as well. 

4. Teach Kids About The World Around Them.

Watching and listening to stories is a smart way to teach kids about the world around them. Sometimes, bedtime stories can be a reflection of how things work around us. Plus, bedtime stories take us to different places and introduce us to new people and cultures that we may not be aware of. Hence, it is a great way for children to have an understanding of how the world works and learn about different parts of the world without leaving their beds. 

5. Promotes Advanced Language and Communication Skills.

Being attentive to bedtime stories promotes advanced language and communication skills in kids. Even when children are not masters of language, they can still understand what the story is about by following clues and referencing the situations. This is because when the kids hear the words spoken aloud and in context, it helps them learn new words and how to use them properly. Likewise, bedtime stories also help kids to improve their listening skills, as kids learn best when they are actively engaged in what they are hearing. 

6. Boosts Confidence.

When kids feel that they are able to follow the story and understand it, it immediately boosts confidence and a feeling of achievement in them. Plus, it increases the desire to learn more. It may be a small thing for parents, but kids take pride in comprehending the stories on their own and learning the important lessons on the way.  

7. Improve Quality of Sleep.

Bedtime stories have been known to improve the quality of sleep for kids for the longest time. In addition to helping kids calm down, bedtime stories help create a routine for the kids. For example, kids get to learn that before reading or watching a bedtime story, they have to brush their teeth, change into night clothes, hop in their bed, and finally relax. Moreover, it leads to an improved night’s sleep, which is extremely important for overall health and well-being. 

8. Teach Empathy And Moral Values.

The emotions and relationships in the bedtime stories are great for teaching kids about empathy and moral values. Almost every fairytale, either classic or modern, is weaved with important lessons like honesty, kindness, empathy, and others. It makes bedtime stories an amazing way to help kids learn about the world around them, develop emotional intelligence, and how to interact with others. 

9. Enhances Multiple Cognitive Skills 

There is so much that goes into a storytime than the characters and the story plot. When kids are invested in reading or watching a bedtime story, they also notice other factors, like colors, numbers, alphabets, expressions, and so much more. Collectively, all these factors become a source of encouraging several cognitive skills. This also helps kids to come up with a problem-solving ability as they will be able to think of different ways to solve the problems in the story.


There are many benefits of bedtime stories for preschool development for kids. This is because a fun and calm bedtime storytime can help to improve kids’ imagination, language skills, emotional intelligence, and problem-solving abilities, among other essential skills. 

Although it may be a little tough to set up a routine at first, try to engage in a shared storytime routine either by reading or watching Ruby’s Storytime on Youtube to avail the benefits that can help make sure that kids are healthy and happy.

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