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If you’re anything like us, you adore getting lost in the pages of a great book and stepping into a world of folklore. The experiences become even more amazing when they involve exciting twists on your favorite classic fairy tales. That’s why we, at Family Roberto, are so excited to share with you our Red Riding Hood series—three amazing books (and counting!) that bring new life and thrill to this classic story.

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Why Reading is Pure Magic

Before we dive into the fun stuff about our Red Riding Hood book series, let’s talk about why reading is such an incredible adventure:

  1. Escape from Reality: Books can take you to different worlds, offering a fun break from everyday life.
  2. Boost Your Imagination: Each page turns your mind into a playground of creativity, sparking new ideas and dreams.
  3. Learn New Things: Whether it’s about new places, history, or magical creatures, reading helps you discover more about the world.
  4. Understand Others Better: Walking in a character’s shoes helps you understand and relate to others’ experiences and feelings.

Meet Our Little Red Riding Hood 

Now, let’s get to the fun part — our Red Riding Hood series. Each book stands alone, offering a unique spin on our favorite crimson-caped heroine.

Book 1: The Little Red Riding Hood and The Big Bad Wolf

The first book in our Red Riding Hood series is a take on the classic folklore. The Grandma is not feeling well so Little Red Riding Hood sets off to bring freshly baked chocolate chip cookies to make her Grandmother feel better. 

On her way, Little Red meets a big bad wolf. After a brief conversation with the wolf, when Little Red arrives at Grandma’s house, there’s someone giant and very scary waiting in Grandma’s bed! Will Little Red be breakfast for the big, bad wolf?

In this story, Little Red is a fierce, independent young woman uncovering a plot she never expected. With secrets to unravel and allies to find, her journey is just beginning. Are you ready for an epic adventure filled with twists and turns?

Book 2: Red Riding Hood Saves Shroomville

Red’s journey intensifies as she encounters her most formidable foe – the wolf! This book brings new challenges and heart-pounding moments, keeping you on the edge of your seat.

The Big Bad Wolf is up to his old tricks again, causing chaos in the peaceful town of Shroomville by stealing the sacred magic moonstone. Will Red Riding Hood and her animal friends succeed in their mission to restore the moonstone, or will the cunning wolf outsmart them once more?

At the heart of the story lies a powerful moral: ‘Remember that bravery doesn’t mean being without fear but rather facing our fears with courage and determination.’ It’s a message that resonates with children and parents alike, offering a valuable lesson in the face of adversity.

Book 3: Red Riding Hood And The Whispering Forest

The saga continues with even more danger and excitement. In this book, Red faces new threats and dives deeper into the mystical lore surrounding her world. Once again, on her visit to her Grandma, Red goes through the enchanted Whispering Forest, where mysteries and magic unfold. But danger also lurks in the shadows. 

Red Riding Hood is brave and curious, eager to visit her grandma who lives on the forest edge. But when Red arrives, she’s in for a big scare – it’s not sweet Grandma inside the cottage, but an enormous wolf!

Little Red races into the whispering trees, the wolf on her trail. As the secrets of the forest unfold, she realizes this isn’t any normal woods. Strange powers are at work here. With the wolf closing in, and the Little Red out of breath, an encounter with a mysterious forest guardian changes the plot of the story. 

With help and wit, will Little Red Riding Hood succeed over the big bad wolf? Or will the shadows claim her at last? But be warned – in this magical place, looks can be deceiving and nothing is ever as it seems…

Why You’ll Love These Books

Designed with young readers in mind, this series features large font sizes and engaging vocabulary that not only entertains but also educates. As children enjoy the vibrant illustrations and captivating narrative, they’ll also learn valuable life lessons.

  1. Strong, Relatable Character: Red is a character you can root for—brave, smart, and full of heart.
  2. Unique Twists on a Classic Tale: Each book offers a fresh perspective, making old stories feel brand new.
  3. Immersive World-Building: Dive into richly crafted worlds that pull you in and refuse to let go.
  4. Action and Emotion: These stories are packed with thrilling action and emotional depth, making for a truly engaging read.

Become a Part of The Family Roberto Adventure

We’re so excited for you to dive into these stories and experience the magic for yourself. And the adventure doesn’t stop here—there are more books on the way! Plus, our YouTube channel is filled with amazing fairytales and bedtime stories. Whether you’re a lifelong fairy tale fan or new to the genre, we have something for everyone.

So, grab the Red Riding Hood book series and enjoy the world of magic, mystery, and adventure together. Until next time, Happy reading!

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