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Thoughts from Ruby in her Fairytale English Cottage Garden.One of my favorite childhood fairytales is Three Billy Goats Gruff.

In today’s blog, Ruby from Ruby’s Storytime has questions about the significance of the number 3 in fairytales and folk tales.

What’s so special about the number 3?

I’ve spent many times asking myself that question as I read different fairytales.

I have a library filled with books for toddlers, young children, older kids and adults. It seems many stories feature three something.

Let me list a few here;

Thoughts from Ruby in her Fairytale English Cottage Garden

Ya see? Don’t you ever wonder why 3 is soooo…special?” As Ruby walks the beautiful English Cottage Garden, she answers..

I do too!” As she sits in her chair enjoying a glass of lemonade in the Fairytale English Cottage Garden, she asks herself why her mother would always count to three instead of counting to 5 when her mother warned her to come on or to behave. “It’s time to go Ruby!” If she didn’t come right then, her mom would start counting to three. Could she not give her until 6 or 7?

Thoughts from Ruby in the English Cottage Garden about the Three Billy Goats Gruff Fairytale

my Favorite book to read for story time. I remember as a small child, I would fear going over bridges after my dad told me the story of the troll. Even though the scenery in the video of Three Billy Goats Gruff, Ruby’s story time is just as pretty as her Fairytale English Cottage Garden, there’s a nasty green troll. This green goblin would patiently wait under the bridge for goats. Firstly, he scared the little goat, claiming he was going to eat him for a morning snack. The little goat was smart and told the big nasty troll that if he would wait a bit, a bigger goat would come along. The next goat had more meat on him, so the troll let the little goat pass. In this classic fairytale with Ruby, the nasty green monster -troll waited and waited. Secondly, the medium sized goat came trippity – trappity across the bridge when he was stopped in his tracks by the troll. “You look tasty, I’m gonna eat you for lunch as I have been waiting for you”, said the troll. “Hey there, let me pass. If you wait a bit, there will be a BIG goat that comes by and you can have a feast”. That medium sized goat was smart too! The troll let him pass. Lastly, the Big Billy Goat Gruff came a trippity – trappity across the bridge and wouldn’t you know it? The troll approached him and screamed “I’ve been waiting for you! I’m gonna have you for a feast” But the THIRD Billy Goat warned him to “Back off” or he would give him a taste of his own medicine. At last, the third Billy Goat gruff passed the bridge confidentially.

All of a sudden, that nasty troll wound up running home to his mommy and never bothered the Three Billy Goats Gruff again.

Do you want to know why the Three Billy Goats wished to cross the bridge? As Ruby relaxes outside in her Fairytale English Cottage Garden, she remembers the story fondly.

In thoughts from Ruby in her Fairytale English Cottage Garden, she encourages you to head over to Ruby’s Storytime to find out. You can watch the short YouTube video for Storytime or bedtime. All our little shows are animated in 3-D. (There’s that 3 again). https://familyroberto.com/shows/rubys-storytime/three-billy-goats-gruff. Afterwards, discuss with each other what you believe the moral lesson of this story is. Even if you have different perspectives, it’s quite fun!

As much as I would enjoy writing here in my library all day, I must be going now. My tea is steeping. Once in a while, I’ll add 3 sugar cubes to my afternoon delight beverage. Why 3? As I have said, Three just seems…magical. I just love spending time in my Fairytale English Cottage Garden with you.

Take care my dear friends,

Love, Ruby

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