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A wholesome animated kids’ entertainment channel with loads of videos and read-along stories.

We bring the best of traditional fairytales and classic children’s stories but with a modern twist.

Besides, our dream is to create happily ever afters with valuable lessons… Just one video at a time!

Nati & Reagan Family Roberto Girl Characters

Must Reads - Easter Hunt Edition

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With hundreds of amazing fairytales, we’ve got you covered. 

Plus, we ensure safe screentime while teaching valuable golden lessons to our up-and-coming generation. 

Here’s a peek at our latest Winter Fairytale Collection, which you can also find on our YouTube Channel. 

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We even have different channels that cater to different audiences too. 

The adventure awaits, and the fun begins as Reagan and her sidekick, Jay the blue bird explore the world!

Watch on Amazon Prime or Youtube.

  • Encourages kids to make positive choices in their everyday surroundings.
  • Teaching our kids virtues & values.
  • Embracing diversity in today’s world.

Moreover, this channel is designed for school-aged children 4-9.

It all started with a gemstone.
An adventure Sci-Fi animation series.

A family adventure turns deadly when the parents are thrown from the ship, leaving the young girl with a magical gemstone that transforms her into a Sea – Giantess.

  • A fantasy series with villains, heroes, challenges, and triumphs. Gemphora swims the seas, protecting the weak with her power. She can change the past, control the present and save the future.
  • Designed for audiences 4-10

“Gemphora, the Giantess under the sea. She’s the one we all can count on when help is what we need”.

A collection of classic English Fairytales, fables, folktales and more. Ruby brings to life the family favorite stories through 3-D animation, music, and a modern twist to each tale!

  • Introducing the classics in a light-hearted fashion. Sharing the moral of the story while encouraging character-building lessons in today’s world.
  • Designed for audiences of all ages.

What is Ruby’s favorite game?
Ruby loves to play ENCHANTED FOREST, a magical treasure hunt game in the land of fairytales.

Firstly, Nati Mesei brings a collection of classic Hungarian fairytales, fables, folktales, and more.

Secondly, these stories are the family’s favorite stories, which you can watch in 3-D animation, enjoy groovy music, and be amazed by the modern twist to each tale!

  • You will get access to classics in a light-hearted fashion. Next, sharing the moral of the story while encouraging character-building lessons in today’s world is key.
  • Designed for audiences of all ages.

“Let’s get back to the story.”

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