Fun Fact: July is National Ice Cream Month!

ice cream colorful image

Yummy yummy Ice Cream

“I scream, you scream, we all scream for ICE CREAM”

I love that little jingle. Heck, I love it so much I’m going out to the local ice cream parlor to grab a double dip of chocolate almonds as soon as I get to the end of this blog. Chocolate almond is my favorite. I have every right to splurge because it’s National Month for this sweet treat, right?

What’s your kid’s favorite flavor of ice cream?

Do you know? As a parent myself, I must admit…I’m not sure either. It seems to change from year to year. We at Family Roberto Productions have a vision for our entertainment channel. Our dream is to encourage families to talk to their kids! Ask questions on important topics…. like ICE CREAM FLAVOR favorites.

But seriously, in today’s busy, chaotic, and sometimes stressful world, we want to make it easier for parents to get to know their kids. That’s why we founded Family Roberto Productions. On our website, you can view wholesome and fun entertainment with a twist of positive character-building lessons. We like to concentrate on virtues and values. As you select the video you want to watch, you will see a detailed description that pertains to the video. The descriptions are intended to be conversation starters for you and your kids.

There are over 1000 flavors of ice cream

Just like there are many flavors of ice cream, there are even more kids’ entertainment shows to select from. Our team’s flavor of content is providing a safe place for kids, learning some basic facts about the world, and teaching audiences of all ages the importance of being a good person. Regardless of your religion, race, or gender… if you are a human…. using virtues and values is something we can all agree on.

We realize you have a choice on what your child watches and we thank you for supporting us by giving us a thumbs up and subscribing to our YouTube channel. Our short films and videos are being streamed on numerous platforms. Check out our “Watch” page to see more information about “Reagan’s Room“, “Ruby’s Storytime”, and “Nati Mesei”.

Classic Favorites are vanilla, chocolate & strawberry

Classic favorites, they seem to never get old. Kind of like Fairytales. Ruby’s Storytime brings classic stories to life in 3-D animation. Excitement, adventure, music, and fun are found in these timeless children’s stories. Don’t let the word “children” fool you. We welcome everyone to enjoy these come-to-life video stories. There’s such a title nowadays called “kidult”. Adults with an appreciation of kids’ stuff. We all have different flavors of taste and as long as you don’t like rotten cheesy garlic ice cream, you are part of the family at Family Roberto Productions.

Happy National Ice Cream Month!

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