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little red riding hood and the wolf

One of my favorite fairytales of all time is the story of Little Red Riding Hood.

Little Red Riding Hood is a classic story never gets old. Whether you are a child or a senior citizen, there’s a message in this story for audiences of all ages.

As she tells us in the short video of this family favorite story, “it gets scary at times, so if I were you, I would get your favorite blanket to snuggle up with and maybe even one of your stuffed animals to comfort you. There are some moments that can get…. a little frightening but don’t worry, it’s just a story and let me assure you, you will be fine”

Once upon a time, there was a darling little girl named Sara. She lived with her mother in a cabin near the woods. Her mother enjoyed sewing for Sara. She made a beautiful red cape for her. Little Sara loved that red cape, she ate with the red cape on, picked vegetables from the garden with the red cape on, played in her tree house with the red cape on, and…even slept in the red cape. She never wanted to part with her red cape. Her mother finally said “Sara, we should call you Little Red Riding Hood from now on” and from that day Sara had a new name.

It’s kind of funny, being the writer for classic stories, I’m able to put my own little spice in my stories while not compromising the ingredients of the cake. That’s why I named Little Red Riding Hood…Sara.

Sara is my mother in laws name. As a child, I never grew up knowing Little Red’s name. It was just Little Red Riding Hood. At the beginning of the video by Ruby’s Storytime, you’ll see the show open up with a little girl in her tree house playing “tea party” with her stuffed animals and dolls. I am recalling fondly how my mother-in-law would play with our daughter hour after hour “tea party.” My mother-in-law always wore bright red lipstick and sometimes would put some on our daughter’s lips for playtime. That’s when it dawned on me…Little Red Riding Hood must be called Sara.

The mother baked cookies for Little Red Riding Hood’s Grandma.

“What the matter mother?”, Little Red Riding Hood asked. “I need you to walk through the woods, over to your grandmother’s house. She’s not feeling well. I made some fresh chocolate chip cookies and this little treat will cheer her up”.

This made little Red Riding Hood smile, as she always looked forward to seeing her grandmother, the sweetest little lady that lived in a small cottage in the woods. The two loved each other dearly. The mother made sure to give little Red Riding Hood the basket of goodies, and reminded her “please stay focused and remember to stay on the path, go right to grandmother’s house, and never talk to strangers”

We need to stress this important message to our kids, huh? The world seems so dangerous anymore and the bad guy isn’t always the big bad wolf. The stranger can be the nicest person on the block but have an evil heart, like a werewolf!

Off Little Red Riding Hood went. She wasn’t afraid, as she made the trip to her grandmother’s house many times. She walked through the woods, but little did she know, she was being followed by a very scary wolf. With every step Little Red Riding Hood would take, the wolf would take a step closer to her. Just like bad guys in the crazy world we live in today.

“Good morning, little girl”, said the big bad wolf. “You look so pretty in your red little hood”.

All of us, especially children, love to be complimented. The big bad wolf knew the right things to say.

We have a teenage daughter and I swear, the messages in this story are the exact messages we warn her of today! We always tell her

to never talk to strangers and just because someone says something nice, doesn’t mean you should trust them. Trust is earned not automatically given.

Off to Grandmother’s house, we go!

The wolf had his eye on her the entire time. The big bad wolf said to himself “that little girl looks like she would make a scrumptious meal for me, why if I had her for lunch, I wouldn’t need to eat anything for quite some time”. The wolf didn’t stop there. He stopped her again as she continued to walk “oh little red riding hood, I noticed that if you get off the path just a bit, you will find some beautiful wildflowers, and wouldn’t your grandma just love to have some pretty flowers?”

If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.

“Yes! Flowers would cheer my grandma up!” said the little girl. The big bad wolf gently shoved her off the path. While she was busy picking the flowers for her grandma, the wolf, as sneaky as he was said to himself “I will run over to grandma’s house and eat her up first, then I will hide in the house and wait for little red riding hood to come in and I will eat her up too! Baaaaahahaaaa!!!

What a very hungry, bad, wicked wolf!! He finally arrived at grandmother’s house and knocked on the door

“Who’s there”? called the grandmother from her bed.

“It’s me, Little Red Riding Hood,” said the wolf in a tiny voice. “I have brought you some chocolate chip cookies to cheer you up”

“Oh, my dear child, the door is unlocked, come on in, I am feeling too weak to get up and open the door”, cried out the grandma.

The wolf came barging in so fast, growling with his big sharp teeth, and gobbled up the grandmother! He put on a nightgown, disguised himself as the grandmother, and hopped in her bed, and waited for precious Little Red Riding Hood to come in.

A predator after his prey…..

In the meantime, Little Red Riding Hood was able to pick the most beautiful flowers for her grandma.

When she finally arrived at the house, she felt a little afraid. She noticed the front door was open. “Grandma?” She walked into her grandmother’s room. The wolf said, “oh my dear, don’t turn the light on, I am very sick, and the light gives me a headache. Bring your cute little self over here and let me give you a hug.” “Oh grandma”, said the young girl. “I am here with cookies and flowers to cheer you up.” Little red riding hood came close to hug her and could barely see her ears “Wow, what big ears you have grown”,

the better to hear you with, my dear. Even though it was dark, her eyes were adjusting to the room, “grandma, what big eyes, you have,”

the better to see you with, my dear. “Grandma, open your mouth. I will feed you a cookie, oooooh, what big teeth you have.” At that moment, the wolf sat up and screamed “the BETTER TO EAT YOU WITH!” Little Red Riding Hood was so scared, she screamed and ran out of the house as fast as she could! She ran over to a tent and noticed there was a forest ranger sitting by a fire. She told him of the dreadful situation, and he said… “let me take a look”.

Yes, I know….a Forest Ranger isn’t one of the characters in the original story but I’ve always admired Forest Rangers, soooo… why not let them be the hero?

He went into the house and noticed the wolf lying in bed trying to be all sneaky. “Did you gobble up the little red riding hoods grandma? he asked. The Forest Ranger demanded the wolf to spit up the grandma. The wolf cried “not by the hair of my chinny chin chin.”

Not by the hair of my chinny chin chin? Yes, you’re right. That little phrase is from The Three Little Pigs but I thought it was fitting.

The forest ranger punched him right smack in the nose and pulled his tail. The wolf spits the grandma out. Don’t worry, the grandma wasn’t harmed, she was fine but did she ever have a story to tell!

Little Red Riding hood and grandma enjoyed some cookies and milk before she had to walk back home. As she walked home, she thought to herself, “I will never ever wander off the path that I have been given again”

Thank you for joining me here on Family Roberto Blog. I hope you enjoyed the story of Little Red Riding Hood. Remember, always stay focused on what you are supposed to be doing and never, ever talk to strangers, especially big bad wolves!

Until next time. Bye for now.

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