• the story of a giant girl on youtube
the story of a giant girl on youtube

The Spell of The Giantess

An original up-and-coming new sci-fi series starring a giantess named Gemphora.

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to live under the sea? Did you know that in some parts of the ocean, it’s over 7 miles down? Lots can happen in the ocean world, and legend has it there is a creature named Gemphora that swims wild and free in the deep blue sea, and she soon discovers an entire city, “Deep Rock.”

But who is Gemphora?

A beautiful, mysterious, and human-like giantess that has immeasurable strength, and she uses her magic to do good for mankind. She received her mastery of magic through a gemstone inherited many years ago by her father, a scientist, who died in a terrible storm while aboard their family ship. Gemphora has the ability to change the past, prevent tragedy, protect the innocent and destroy those who wish to inflict pain and misery on others. Her goal in her endless life is to protect mankind from evildoers seeking to destroy. But her life isn’t perfect. It’s not always easy. She can’t be in all places at the same time and there seem to be villains at every turn.

In the spell of the Giantess, the short sci-fi film begins with an introduction to how Gemphora was created.

She was once a small girl who lived during the days of the horrible plague. Her father, a brilliant scientist, invented a way to harness the power of the sun and encapsulate it into a gemstone for protection until they could get it to the emperor for approval to use on those who were burdened with this terrible disease. But the family never made it to the emperor due to a midnight storm. Lightning hit Gemphora’s mother, who was wearing the gemstone around her neck, sending her overboard.

The parents didn’t survive. However, right before the sea swallowed the mother, she took her gemstone necklace off and little Gemphora was able to take it. The mother seemed to say, “take this and do something good for the world.” Everything changed that night. Little did anyone know that the lightning activated the magic gemstone and caused the little girl to grow as tall as the tallest buildings, develop sea creature-like gills for breathing, the ability to swim faster than any ship, the strength that rivals many giants, a brilliant mind that never warps and sensitivity of the kindest woman. This is Gemphora, the Giantess under the sea.

A little boy and his royal parents, the prince and princess, lived in a castle surrounded by water.

Finnegan, the young boy, loved archery, and he was very good at it. He practiced long hours. But something was missing. He wanted to be outside in the forest. The prince had a beautiful white horse named Danko. Being confined to a stable, he was physically suffering from not having the freedom to walk and run. One night, the family decided they would venture out on their family boat and look for land, finding a new place to call home. They loved their castle and had everything their hearts desired, except….their castle was built on top of a rocky cliff with no land in sight.

They set sail, and hours passed, and they were growing tired. We here at Family Roberto won’t “spill the beans” and spoil the story for you but let us warn you. There are shark-infested waters ahead.
Gemphora the Giantess appears to them and offers to help them find land to call home. Will little Finnegan ever find a home where he can hunt, run, and play? If it were left up to the nasty greedy pirates, this royal family would be shark meat!

We love stories that have heroes, and Gemphora is more than a hero. She’s an inspiration, a giantess with a golden heart looking to save people in need.
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