Goldilocks Fairytale in Hungarian!👩🏼

Goldilocks Fairytale in Hungarian!👩🏼

Goldilocks Fairytale in Hungarian!👩🏼

This little tale has a big message! Don’t take things that aren’t yours! Nati retells this delightful tale with personality and charm.

Goldilocks Fairytale in Hungarian!👩🏼and The Three Little Bears! What a combo!

When we think of bears, we shiver with fright

but this little story is perfect for night night. Join us in watching this Fairytale in Hungarian!

That’s because the three little bears in this favorite bedtime story are some of the best-behaved bears we have ever seen!

It’s true, they are darling. We have a papa bear in his overalls, a mama bear in her dress and the baby bear that just couldn’t be cuter.

This classic story of Goldilocks and the three bears has a solid lesson for audiences of all ages to remember. Keep your nose out of other’s business and certainly don’t take things that don’t belong to you. That darn Goldilocks has no manners and is a spoiled little brat!

What have you done Goldilocks?👩🏼

Nati Mesei, the narrator of this timeless favorite kids story not only has thousands of books in her library for story time, but certain books are also magic books. Nati in her library sings in frustration after knowing what horrible trouble Goldilocks caused. The lights dim and multicolored lights flashing inside the story book room as Nati bursts out in song:

“Oh no, what have you done Goldilocks?

What did you do? Goldilocks!

Oh no! You’re causing trouble

Goldilocks! You should go home.”

Does Goldilocks break into the three bears house?👩🏼🐻🐻🐻

She does and we can’t believe it! So many valuable lessons for kids and adults! Never go inside a house uninvited. Goldilocks sneaks in and sits down at the dining table to test out the porridge. “This porridge is too hot, this porridge is too cold, this porridge is just right” and so on….”this chair is too big, this chair is too small, this chair is just right” and so on…. the bed is too big, this bed is too lumpy, this bed is just right”. We won’t tell you how this story time video ends. You will have to watch it. Go ahead and cozy up with a cup of tea, get comfortable in your pajamas and see the full episode of Goldilocks and the three bears, right here on YouTube, FREE.

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