Nati Mesei

Young and old alike love a good love story, right?

Hamupipoke is the perfect fairytale to cuddle up with your little one at the end of a long day. Beautiful music and vibrant animation will set your mind at ease with this classic story.

The dreamy tale begins with Cinderella, her mother, and her father enjoying family time. Soon, tragedy takes hold and the mother falls sick and passes away, leaving the young girl without a mom. Her father takes matters into his own hands and decides he must find a woman to replace his loving wife.

Is this true love for Hamupipoke?

Not yet. This fairytale promises a magical ending but certainly not in the beginning. The father meets his new wife, who has two daughters. We call them the crabby daughters because they were mean from the get-go and bullied Cinderella. If that weren’t bad enough, the stepmother wasn’t much better! She forced Cinderella to work in the home, washing dishes and mopping the floors, and never gave her a break from chores. Plus, she was even made to do the chores of her step-sisters! Times were tough on Cinderella. Though the father was loving, he had no idea the young girl was being tormented as he had to travel far away on a business trip.

How Did Cinderella (Hamupipoke) Get Her Name?

If you watch and listen to this free YouTube video, you will hear the crabby step-sisters ‘ calling. One of the bratty girls asked the beautiful blonde girl, “Do you see that Cinder in the fireplace? That’s called Cinder…Ella” She then laughed at her because her real name was Ella. She thought it would be funny to call her Cinder (from the ash in the fireplace) and connect it with her real name…Ella. And that’s how CINDERELLA got her name.

A Knock On The Door!

One day, there was a knock on the door with a letter tossed underneath the door opening. It was the most important news! The letter read that everyone would be invited to the upcoming ball as the Royal Prince would be looking for a wife to call his own. This excited the two girls and their mother. Sadly, they stared at Cinderella and scolded her, “Get back to work; you will not be attending the ball.” Furthermore, her job was to be their servant and nothing more.

Do You Believe In Magic?

Something magical did happen. The two crabby step-sisters and the wicked old step-mother scooted off in their dresses that Cinderella had made for them. Leaving Cinderella all alone. A magical beam of glitter and shine came from the fireplace! It was a fairy godmother sent by Cinderella’s late mother. The fairy told Cinderella to follow her outside to a magical site of a pumpkin turning into a carriage. Mice turned into horses! Cinderella wore the most beautiful evening dress fit for a princess. She was to be escorted to the Grand Ball right away.

There Was Only One Rule

The fairy godmother only had one rule. Cinderella must return home before the clock strikes midnight, or else everything will change back to how it was before. Did Cinderella make it to the ball? Did she make it home before midnight? Find out by watching the FREE video right here on YouTube.

Does True Love Exist?

We won’t give you all the details and spoil the fun but rest assured. This fairytale has a fairytale ending. So watch now!

We hope your tomorrow’s filled with love and magic, kindness and acceptance, something we all deserve.