Hungarian Fairytales The Selfish Giant, Nati Mesei

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Hungarian Fairytales The Selfish Giant, Nati Mesei

Hungarian Fairytales, The Selfish Giant

Who wrote the Selfish Giant?

One of the most talent writers ever! Oscar Wilde!

It never pays to be selfish

Oh, being selfish might for a moment feel good but in the end, being selfish is just plum selfish! What does selfish mean?

Being selfish means only thinking of ones self. Not taking others feelings or needs into consideration. In this short 3-D animation video, Nati meets a real life giant who happens to be….SELFISH.

Nati was so tired after driving all afternoon, she pulled onto a side road to get out and stretch her legs. This selfish giant approached her and yelled at her! “This is my property, now take yourself and your little blue car and get gone”.

Nati isn’t going anywhere until she teaches this grumpy man a valuable lesson. Mr. Tall Man (the real giant) agrees to sit a while over a glass of lemonade and listen to Nati as she brings this famous fairytale to life.

A family favorite Hungarian Fairytale Video-Selfish Giant

We at Family Roberto created Nati to be a bit quirky, cute, sassy and funny. The awesome thing about Nati Mesei’s shows is that there’s a story within a story. Although you might think these timeless classics are only for kids, audiences of all ages are enjoying them and that makes us super happy!

A colorful garden where children are skipping and playing suddenly becomes dark as night when the selfish giant appears on the grounds. He wants nothing but misery. That’s the aura he puts off because his heart is not kind. Will he ever change?

Watch it here friends! The Fairytale Video-Selfish Giant. We don’t want to spoil the story, so we have made the full episode available right here on YouTube, FREE! All you have to do is sit down with a snack or two and watch it till the very end. We can all learn from this story. Hungary is filled with fairytales. Click HERE to watch more!

This Hungarian Fairytale has a few dark moments

That’s right friends, you read it here. There ARE a few scary moments but it’s worth it to watch. the lesson is so important. Scary wolves and a dark figure sing with anger:

“Every step we take, we bring a lot of hate

What a match we both shall make

with all our greedy hate

and all we do is ROAR!”

Click HERE to watch another Nati Mesei Hungarian Fairytale, “Jack & the Beanstalk”

Will the Giant learn his lesson in the popular Hungarian Fairytale Video-Selfish Giant?

Some people learn from their mistakes. Some never do.

We can tell you there is a wise little fairy that speaks some words of wisdom to The Selfish Giant ….but will he listen?

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