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the fairytale of jack and the beanstalk

Jack and The Beanstalk Hungarian Fairytale – Nati Mesei

Jack and The Beanstalk, Hungarian Fairytale -Nati Mesei

Jack meets magic, a giant, talking animals and more!

This tale is as old as time. It has thought the fairytale may have been written over a thousand years ago! A lot has changed in the world, but somethings have still stayed the same. Families still suffer from being poor and not having enough to eat. People look for a miracle to help them have a brighter future. Like Jack and his mother. The two lived in a small home and barely had enough food to eat. The mother tells Jack to go sell their cow “Old Bess”, so they could have money to buy food. The child was a very good boy and listened to his mom.

Jack and the Beanstalk Hungarian Video brings magic beans and a great big beanstalk!

Jack sets out on foot to sell the friendly cow. He makes the exchange with the quirky little salesman. The odd salesman explains to Jack if he were to accept 3 magic beans in exchange for the cow, he and his mother would have a fantastic future. Jack listened to the man and traded Old Bess for the magical beans. Later that day, he made it home to his mom. He told her that instead of money, he accepted 3 magical beans. The mother was furious and screamed for Jack to go to his room at once!

Kids have minds of their own and Jack is no different!

Jack thought he was doing the right thing. He was sure the magic beans would change their lives for the better. He felt foolish for thinking such a thing, so he tossed the beans out the window. “Dumb beans!”, Jack screamed. He went to bed crying out of guilt for selling his good friend, Old Bess the cow. He felt hopeless.

Life might seem bleak sometimes, but it is never hopeless

That’s right. Life has its ups and downs. We all have obstacles to overcome. Jack was certain his life was over but the next morning, the sun was shining and to his amazement, a giant green beanstalk appeared out his window.

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Music, action, and adventure are constant during the film. We even have some bloopers at the end that will make you and the children laugh. This short, animated film is perfect for audiences of all ages. We encourage families to sit together and discuss the story. What do you think the moral is? Would you want to climb a beanstalk? Fairytale videos are are specialty but we need books to make our stories come to life, right? Check this cool site out HERE and read with your children as well.

We can tell you Jack met a Giant and a Giantess

but we can’t tell you if Jack makes it home alive. Will he become a snack for the Giant?

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