Little Red Riding Hood Fairytale in Hungarian

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Little Red Riding Hood Fairytale in Hungarian

Little Red Riding Hood Video-Hungarian

The Big Bad Wolf is a predator and Little Red Riding Hood is his prey. Join us in this classic Grimm’s Brothers Fairytale narrated by Nati from Nati Mesei – Hungarian Fairytales.

This classic children’s fairytale has been around for ages and the lesson never gets old. The world is filled with goodness, we have seen it! Yet, bad people are lurking about as well, sometimes disguised as a good person. Just like the evil werewolf. He pranced through the forest trying to befriend the little girl. His motives were up to no good. He wasn’t looking for a friend, rather having her for dinner! We at Family Roberto created this short, animated story with the hopes the message would speak loudly to kids of all ages. Stay away from strangers. If you are going to walk into the woods, take a friend or a family member.

What did little red riding hood have in her basket? Find out now in The Little Red Riding Hood Video- Fairytales in Hungarian.

She had a basket of warm chocolate chip cookies that were intended for her grandmother who fell sick and was bed ridden.

This exciting Hungarian Fairytale retold by Nati will have your kids excited and a little nervous as that bad wolf is always hiding behind a tree or a bush. Don’t worry! Many fairytales have good endings and this one packs a punch! We can’t tell you what happens, you and the family will have to tune in and watch the full episode to see if little red riding hood will escape the evil plan of the beast.

Nati retells this fascinating tale with energy, excitement & charm. Storytime with Nati is perfect for bedtime, naptime, lunchtime, well…. anytime.

Family Roberto Productions is home to Nati Mesei

We at Family Roberto strive to not only be a source of great kid’s entertainment but also a source of encouraging families to spend time together. We are busy creating numerous Hungarian Fairytales for you to enjoy. Give us a like on YouTube or better yet subscribe to our channel so we know you were here. Whatever you do, don’t talk to strangers, and stay away from that wolf! Wanna see more Fairytales in Hungarian? Click HERE!

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