Mother Holle, Nati Mesei

  • Mother Holle bedtime for kids
Mother Holle bedtime for kids

Mother Holle, Nati Mesei

Brother’s Grimm Hungarian Fairytales

Nati Mesei – Storytime – Online

Do all fairytales have fairies?

If truth be told, most fairytales don’t have fairies. Including this classic German Fairy Tale, “Mother Holle”. The Brothers Grimm Classic story is filled with excitement but not one fairy. You will see a talking oven, a singing apple tree, giant colorful mushrooms, and a fantasy land. The magical land can only be found by jumping down an old well. In our humble opinion, we don’t need a fairy in this favorite bedtime story to make Mother Holle an outstanding tale.

Are fairytales fiction or non-fiction?

From what we have seen in Nati’s library, all her books (and she has collected thousands of books throughout the years) are fiction. That means they are make-believe stories. Now, we aren’t saying fairy tales can’t be based on actual events, but Nati’s book of Mother Holle is, with certainty, fiction.

Mindy and her father live with her stepmother and stepsister. It just so happens that the stepmother is downright greedy and hateful. She forces the girl to spin at the spinning wheel all day, making dresses for herself and the lazy stepsister.

Both girls soon take a magical adventure to a land far, far away. A fantasy land like none other. A land so beautiful we almost thought we were in a dream.

Nati Mesi, Storytime-online is spellbinding and fascinating. The 3-D animation short films are perfect for family time. Kids and adults of all ages are sure to enjoy it.

Mother Holle is a woman of wisdom. You can count on her to give you the moral of the story. She is kind but firm. She’s gracious but holds one accountable for one’s actions. She bestows a reward at the end of the story but only when it’s earned.

Do you know a person that has Mother Holle’s same qualities?

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