The Boy Who Cried Wolf

  • what happened to the boy who cried wolf
what happened to the boy who cried wolf

The Boy Who Cried Wolf

The Boy Who Cried Wolf – Nati Mesei

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Have you ever noticed how many times a wolf or a werewolf appears in fairytales?

It seems like every time we delve into a fairytale book over here at Family Roberto Entertainment. We find one of those darn creatures stirring up trouble! “Little Red Riding Hood” gets harassed by a werewolf, “The Three Little Pigs” get chased by a wolf, The crane gets tricked by the wolf in “The Wolf and The Crane,” and sure enough, the werewolf ends up gobbling up the young boy in the classic story of “The Boy Who Cried, Wolf”.

Who wrote this classic children’s story anyway?

A Greek guy named Aesop. A collection of children’s stories in the well-known Aesop’s Fables. Kids of all ages call Aesop’s Fables some of their favorite short stories.

Plus, the cool thing is for every one of the fables, there’s a moral lesson to visit with your children right before bedtime. We know there are so many options you have in selecting kids’ content. But we pride ourselves on creating wholesome entertainment for young and old alike.

The idea of bringing back the days gone by while giving you a modern-day twist with our content is what keeps us going. We sure hope you enjoy it as much as we do.

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We are constantly working on new content, maybe even another werewolf story! Until then, remember the moral of this lesson. Don’t make a habit of lying. When you DO tell the truth, people might not believe you. Oh! And stay away from all werewolves.