The Gingerbread Boy, Nati Mesei

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the gingerbread man hungarian

The Gingerbread Boy, Nati Mesei

Nati Mesei – Storytime – Online

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Have a tummy ache? Try eating some ginger cookies! Ginger helps relieve naseua and calms the stomach. Speaking of ginger, we have a story for you.

Nati is usually in one of two places. In her library or traveling the countryside in her little blue car pulling her vintage camper. She is a busy lady indeed. Especially in this short, animated film, “The Gingerbread Boy”. You must peek at what she is cooking up. This girl loves baking and by the looks of the spread, it appears she’s been baking all day! Cakes, pies, doughnuts, and cookies. Her favorite sweet treat? Gingerbread cookies.

When we began creating this short film, we considered only releasing it during Christmas time. However, our minds soon changed when we were told by our good friend, Nati, this classic bedtime story is a favorite year-round.

The gingerbread boy comes to life, pops out of the oven, and runs for the hills! Nati’s nephews ran as fast as they could, trying to catch the little guy but the gingerbread was much faster. The gingerbread boy came upon a barn where a cow approached him.

We love cookies and milk for a bedtime snack. What about you?

Spending little moments with family are a real treat. Like reading a book and discussing it together or preparing a special treat together before watching a movie. We at Family Roberto take family stuff seriously. After all, for us…family is first.

The cow couldn’t munch on him, he ran so fast. He then met another animal character, the pink pig. You guessed it; the cookie wasn’t about to be dessert for that little pig.

Original music will have your family in stitches as this isn’t your ordinary gingerbread music. This cookie can rap like nobody’s business!

It wouldn’t be right if we told you how the story ends. We kindly ask you to push play and let the show begin. Oh, if you don’t mind, please give us a like on YouTube or better yet, subscribe to our channel. We just keep on working over here creating good old-fashioned family-friendly entertainment. Occasionally we do need a snack break and we LOVE gingerbread cookies.