The Three Little Pigs

  • tale of three little pigs
tale of three little pigs

The Three Little Pigs

Brothers’ Grimm – Storytime-Online

Nati Mesei – Hungarian Fairytales & Fables

We have an honest question. What are you afraid of?

Are you afraid of the big bad wolf? WE ARE TOO!

The Three Little Pigs. What a classic Brothers Grimm Fairytale.

Nati is getting a lot of praise as she leads us into this exciting tale.

Family Roberto loves the idea of creating a collection of animated short videos in Hungarian. After all, the founders of Family Roberto live in Hungary, now isn’t that fitting? We thought so too.

This fairy tale is perfect as a bedtime story for your children. We didn’t make it too scary, we promise.

Once upon a time, there lived a family of pink pigs. A papa pig, a mama pig, and three little pigs. They had so much fun playing games outside, singing kids’ songs, reading classic stories, and eating candy. This family was a happy family. One day, the papa pig said, “kids, you are growing up, and it’s time you go out and find a home of your own”. After all, that’s what kids are supposed to do, right? We as parents, take care of them, feed them, clothe them, shelter them, and most them. We do all this so one day when they grow up, they can go out in the big world and become upstanding citizens. Kinda like the old saying, “someday, you will spread your wings and fly”. The three little pigs were excited about this adventure.

The pink pigs ventured out. Up the hill, down the hill, around the river, through the mud, over the bridge, and before too long, the pigs found the perfect place to call home.

What do you get if you cross a dinosaur and a pig?

Jurassic PORK! Ok, let’s get back to the story, shall we?

The three little pigs built their homes out of straw, sticks, and bricks. We bet you know which house stood strong. But just in case you don’t know, you should watch it right here, FREE on YouTube. We can tell you this, that big bad wolf appears at all 3 homes, huffing, and a puffin. Will he blow the houses down? Will he end up doing something dreadful to the pigs?

Don’t worry kids; everything will be fine. That bad scary wolf landed in a big pot of boiling stew and burned his tail on fire. He took off running and was never seen again.

The three pigs ended the day enjoying some stew seasoned with a lot of…paprika, and they all lived happily ever after.

Kiss your kids, and hug them tight. All is well,

now nighty night.