The True Meaning of Christmas Video, Nati Mesei

  • the tale of meaning for christmas for children
the tale of meaning for christmas for children

The True Meaning of Christmas Video, Nati Mesei

Christmas in Hungary

Nati Mesei lives in Budapest, Hungary and her favorite holiday is Christmas! Join her as she celebrates Christmas in Hungary. Have you ever wondered who Nati is in real life? Click HERE to see.👩

Merry Christmas in Hungarian!

What is the true meaning of Christmas?

For us, Christmas is the biggest celebration of all. Christ was born on earth, and we were given the most special present. HOPE.

We realize that not everyone practices Christianity, and we respect all beliefs. We, however, make no apologies for celebrating Jesus on His birthday. “Joy to the world, The Lord has come.” It was a great moment in time when this meaningful video was completed and released for all to see. Jesus is the reason for the season, and we had to create something special. Nati opens the Christmas show in her cozy home, tidying up the house and decorating the tree. So many ornaments and holiday displays present inside and outside. Nati remembers when she was little, her family loved the Nativity Scene. Her favorite figurine was the little baby Jesus. Christmas is amazing in Hungary. Visit HERE to learn about cultures & customs in Hungary

Where is the best Christmas Market in Hungary? What is your favorite Christmas treasure?

Do you have a favorite memento of Christmas? As I write this, I remember my favorite. A little Miss Muffet ornament my grandmother made for me. I thought it looked just like me. My husband always enjoyed the teddy bear with a red scarf around his neck that said, “ho ho ho.” Our daughter’s favorite is still a snow globe with a snowman inside, and our son’s favorite is still the old-fashioned train with one wheel missing. Nati’s favorite was the wooden Nativity scene; she sang about it during the show.

The Nativity Scene

Many families have one displayed in their homes. We have seen plain ones, fancy ones, big ones, small ones, and even inflatable ones. The meaning of Christmas says it all in this scene. A baby boy gave the world hope so many years ago. Join us in the FREE YouTube video and watch the greatest story ever told.

We at Family Roberto wish you a very Merry CHRISTmas!

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