Three Billy Goats Gruff Troll

  • Három kecske és kislány mese
Három kecske és kislány mese

Three Billy Goats Gruff Troll

Nati Mesei – The Three Billy Goat Gruff

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Nati is the most adorable young lady, and she narrates all the Hungarian children’s videos in the new animated series, Nati Mesei. 

You can find her in the library with thousands of children’s classic storybooks, or maybe she’s outside in her camper relaxing. Wherever Nati is, rest assured she has a story to tell.

The classic tale of three billy goat gruff. and troll..

This classic kid’s favorite video, “Three Billy Goats Gruff and troll,” has adorable original music to get your children up and moving. We here at Family Roberto aim to please our kids’ content, and this 3-D animation short video is getting lots of praise these days on YouTube. We appreciate all the love! Nati sings a song about three billy goats.

One goat was small, the second goat was medium-sized, and the third goat was very large. One by one, they were traveling up the hill to nibble on some tasty grass, but they came upon a bridge. Under the bridge lived a very greedy troll. Mr. Troll who confronted each goat and threatened to eat them!

You will just have to watch the FREE YouTube video to find out what happens. Our lips are sealed.

Ok, ok, we will give you a hint about how this story ends. Have you ever read the story “The Three Little Pigs”? Did the three little pigs survive?

Above all, your children are sure to laugh and sleep tight as they go night, night right after this video. The animator didn’t make the troll too scary looking, really.

It’s the perfect bedtime video. Plus, you can teach your kiddos a little lesson. They shouldn’t be greedy like that green troll. Just enjoy and be grateful for what you have.