Three Little Pigs Went To School

Three Little Pigs Went To School

Most kids love the classic story of Three Little Pigs

In the video storytime of The Three Little Pigs Went To School with Nati Mesék, the three little pigs are each given an opportunity to go to school. They make their way to the bus stop, and guess who meets them there?

The Big Bad Wolf Is the Bus Driver?

Not so fast, Mr. Wolf! Nati tells the wolf to step aside. She takes control and drives the three little pigs to school. While driving the school bus, Nati sings the famous song “The Wheels On The Bus” with a little twist.

What Does The Big Bad Wolf Do?

Join us by watching the short YouTube video. You can find several short videos of three little pigs in different situations. Each little pig story wouldn’t be complete without the big bad wolf causing problems, right?

Do You Like Nursery Rhymes?

We do too! Nati loves to narrate children’s nursery rhyme stories, and she enjoys singing songs. Come watch Nati as she sings and tells the story of The Three Little Pigs Went To School

The three Little Pigs Went To School Video Is Loads Of Fun

The Family Roberto Team is hard at work creating kids’ content appropriate for little ones. Although it may sound a little scary having a wolf chase the little piggies, it really is quite harmless. As you watch with your children, we hope you smile, laugh, & give cuddles when you see that it never pays off for the wolf.

Your child can learn a few Spanish songs with Nati in The Three Little Pigs Went To School

Watch the video with your children and take note of the simple Spanish words the little piggies use. These little piggies are smart! After all, they go to school!

Storytime Online With Nati Mesek

Nati brings such fun to our animated 3d adventures. Join Nati as she sings and narrates classic and original children’s stories.