Three Little Pigs Went To The Market – Animation

Three Little Pigs Went To The Market – Animation

The three little pigs are each given an opportunity to go to the market and bring back the items the mommy pig asked for.

The Big Bad Wolf is up to his tricks again

Each time one of the piggies makes their way to the market, the big bad wolf appears and wants nothing more than to gobble them up.

What Does The Big Bad Wolf Do?

If you watch and listen to this free YouTube video, you will hear and see the big bad wolf being sneaky. Hiding behind trees and scaring each little piggy. The three little pigs do indeed get to the market but not without a chase!

Do You Like Nursery Rhymes?

Most children love to play music and games and take part in storytime. This favorite nursery rhyme story, this little piggy went to the market nursery rhyme is such a wholesome, funny story. It’s sure to keep your child giggling.

The Three Little Pigs Went To The Market Video Is Loads Of Fun

The Family Roberto Team is hard at work creating kids’ content appropriate for little ones. Although it may sound a little scary having a wolf chase the little piggies, it really is quite harmless. As you watch with your children, we hope you smile, laugh, & give cuddles when you see that it never pays off for the wolf.

Ask Your Child What Items The Three Little Pigs Were Asked to Bring Home

Watch the video with your children, and at the end, see if they remember the market items. Did the piggies bring the items home?

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