Bat Cave Video! Treasure Hunt for Kids – Heartland of America

  • Bat Cave! Treasure Hunt / Fun story for children
Bat Cave! Treasure Hunt / Fun story for children

Bat Cave Video! Treasure Hunt for Kids – Heartland of America

Bat Cave! “Let’s get out of here!” scream the kids.

Who wouldn’t scream when you are in a dark, wet cave and all of a sudden…..Bat’s! Reagan thought her best friend, Jay the bluebird, was flying around the cave but come to find out. It wasn’t her little friend. It was a bat!

Bat caves can be scary. There are no two ways about it!

The country kids run through the cave, sticking together, and come upon a treasure! A beautiful sight to see. Gold, coins, jewelry, artifacts, and other stuff lying around. Keesha reads aloud a sign that says, “DO NOT STEAL STUFF.”

Treasures found in caves?

Absolutely! For a very long time, treasures have been discovered in dark caves. Click HERE to see a popular video of exploring caves. Caves are really cool, but we do have to remember not to steal stuff, right? As the purple genie tells the children, “If it’s not YOURS, it’s not YOURS for the taking”

How many bats did you see in the cave?

It’s hard to know how many bats were in the cave. In the mini-series, The Heartland of America, the kids dive into different adventures, but one thing stays the same. The children work through challenges and strive to do the right thing. That’s called character building. Positive messages like “Do Not Steal” gently reminds kids to have values. Click HERE to watch another video of character building

Wholesome Kid’s Entertainment Videos

All of us at Family Roberto Productions are on a mission to make the world a bit brighter for kids. In today’s world, times can seem a little dark (not quite as dark as a bat cave), but we hope we provide some helpful moments while your children grow into awesome humans! We realize you have a choice in what your kids watch, and we would like to thank you for bringing us into your home. We want to bring back teaching values & virtues. Our kids deserve it, and our future depends on it. 💥

Wanna watch some traditional fairytales?

Click HERE to watch Ruby’s Storytime classic fairytales and folktales. She, too, offers positive messages for everyday living.

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