Best Shows For 5 year old’s! Rubber Duck Race, Reagan’s Room

  • Best shows for 5 year old's video
Best shows for 5 year old's video

Best Shows For 5 year old’s! Rubber Duck Race, Reagan’s Room

Best shows for 5 year old’s? Reagan’s Room episodes! Filled with adventure, music & fun makes it one of the best shows for year old’s! Most kids love rubber duckies. Join us in the Rubber Duck Race, Reagan’s Room. Click Here!

Awesome videos for 5 year old’s! Watch the Rubber Duck Race episode here on YouTube. Your kids will meet Reagan, Keesha and Juan as they cheer on their lucky rubber ducks in the river race contest!

What qualifies Reagan’s Room as one of the best shows for 5 year olds?

The characters are adorable and each have unique personalities. Reagan is the lead character along with her animal character friend, Jay the blue bird. The children are always going on adventures. What child doesn’t like an adventure, right? After watching the Rubber Duck Race, click here to watch Reagan and Jay the blue bird take flight in a hot air balloon ride to see Grandma.

The Rubber Duck River Race

Reagan and friends cheer on the rubber ducks but there can only be one winner to take home the cash prize of $10.00 to spend at the Lemon Drop Candy Shop. You can watch the full episode here to find out who won the prize. Please be sure to give us a like and subscribe to our channel. Keesha, Reagan’s best friend is disappointed with the outcome but Reagan encourages her to keep her chin up. Kids need encouragement. The little girl and her animal bird friend are always there to lend some help with character building tools and positive messages. That’s what makes Reagan’s room one of the best shows for 5 year old’s. We realize we aren’t the only channel providing healthy safe content for our kids. Like this one,

If you are looking for wholesome, character building kids shows, this is one of the best.

Best shows for 5 year old’s video

Parents can feel comfortable letting their children watch Reagan’s Room, Rubber Duck Race and other episodes too! No agendas, just wholesome kids entertainment that practices values and virtues. Like being kind, showing respect, caring for others, accepting people for who they are, being honest, and practicing the good old fashioned golden rule. Treat others the way you want to be treated. Who can argue with that? One of favorite episodes of Reagan’s Room is “Respect”. You can watch it here! Another best show for 5 year old’s.

Best shows for 5 year old’s video

In addition, we invite parents and children to check out Ruby’s Storytime, another Family Roberto Production Program. Fairytales & Folktales with a modern little twist. That’s one of the best kids shows for 5 year old’s too. Heck, it’s good for audiences of ALL ages! Speaking of ducks, cuddle up with the little kiddos and watch this adorable music video of Ruby in Five Little Ducks. A perfect bedtime story.