Boot Scootin

Storytime – Boot Scootin’ Online

Howdy, ya’ll! Reagan finds herself in the country at her aunt Rosie’s farm, and do they ever have a good time! She meets her friends at the barn, and they all have a blast as they dance to the catchy country song “Boot Scootin’.” This animated short music video is perfect for country music fans. If you search on YouTube, you’ll see this is a favorite dance amongst people of all ages.

So, go find your cowgirl hat and dust off those cowboy boots. We’re gonna have a good time in the Boot Scootin’ music video. Can we get a yeehaw?

Do you know what it means when someone says they live in the suburbs? A suburb or suburban area is a neighborhood outside of a city. How about urban living? Do you know what that means? Urban living means you live in the city.

A popular country music artist is the founder of her very own theme park, where kids of all ages are guaranteed to have a grand old time!

Where do you live? Wherever you hang your hat and call home, we enjoy being a part of your life. We at Family Roberto appreciate all kinds of music. Country, folk, pop, classical, kids’ music, gospel, and even K-pop music. “Reagan’s Tunes” album is available now on Spotify and other platforms. Sometimes, we need to step away from our everyday surroundings to appreciate what we have when we return. Whether you’re in the city or the country, we hope you have a spectacular day!