Country Kid’s Video at Yellowstone! I Spy Video!

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Country Kid’s Video at Yellowstone! I Spy Video!

At the Yellowstone Barn, they’re having good old-fashioned fun! Reagan and her best friends want to play I Spy with all of you! Grab some chow, sit back and relax with this country kid video!

Join Reagan, Juan & Keesha as they sing the I Spy song.

Spending time out at the Yellowstone Barn makes Juan realize he wants to be a ……COWBOY! In this country, kid’s like to do some boot scootin’ too! Click here to see!

In this country kid’s video, the friends sing, “We’re gonna play a game, we hope you will play too! Have you ever heard of a game called I Spy? It’s a game that we love to do. Get ready! We’re gonna have some fun. Oh, look, there’s a big orange sun. Point to your eyes, point to your eyes, point to your eyes. Let’s play I, Spy!”

I Spy is a simple game that remains a timeless classic. Speaking of a timeless classic, do your buckaroos like fairytales & folktale videos?

Sometimes we just need the wind in our hair and the sun on our faces to make our day a little brighter.

Jay the bluebird tells Juan if he wants to be a cowboy, he’s gonna need a hat. The children make their way to the Yellowstone barn. In the barn, the country kids play I Spy, and Juan gets his wish. He becomes a cowboy!

Wholesome – Values & Virtues – A Safe Place to come for entertainment!

So many fairytales have morals to their stories. Ruby’s Storytime likes to focus on the moral, so to be sure to encourage kids to make good decisions. Watch here!

Family Roberto Productions presents this special episode as part of our new mini-series: The Yellowstone Kids! The little country bumpkins will have you smiling in no time. Practicing values & virtues, positive messages, and character building through adventure & song. Some great advice on how to teach your child to have good character. Come join us for some good ole fashioned fun.

Reagan Rundus stars as Reagan. Murray Rundus stars as Jay, the bluebird. You can see them here on the about page!

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