• roadtrip songs for kids
roadtrip songs for kids

Family Time

Storytime – Online

In this cartoon episode ofFamily time, we see Reagan and her family taking a drive in their big red car. The simple things are sometimes the most fun! Taking a break from the electronics and getting outside for some fresh air is what this family needs. Packing lunch and searching for the perfect spot for a picnic. Feeling the wind in your hair while singing family songs.

Seeing how many animals or counting how many big trucks pass by. Life’s little pleasures. Reagan’s mother bakes some fresh apple turnovers for the road trip. Have you ever taken a road trip with your family? What was something fun you did? Taking a short nap in the car is sometimes fun too!

We get it! Kids love iPhones, iPads, video games, television, air pods, tik tok, Instagram, and whatnot!

From experience, we find it’s a breath of freshness to detach from devices once in a while and hang out with the people we love. Especially when you’re in a big red convertible car! Vroom!

The three bears are dancing and having a picnic while Reagan sings. Reagan sees a family of dancing cows! It’s amazing how good the outdoors makes you feel. Ahhh, nature is good for the soul. Does your family have a truck, car, wagon, or bike?

You may want to take a walk together to the local park. Family time is about leaving the iPhones, tablets, and video games behind. If only for a little while. Ask your siblings some questions and try to get to know them better. Ask your parent to tell you of a time when they were your age. Spending time together with family, whether you go North or South, East or West, being with family is the best. We at Family Roberto have seen a lot of families. Each family looks different, and that’s awesome because that’s what makes the world go round. Whatever your family looks like, your family will appreciate this short musical story.

For us, Family is first.