Fashion Show Kid’s Video

  • Fashion show songs for kids
Fashion show songs for kids

Fashion Show Kid’s Video

Reagan’s Room – Adventure & Playtime

Little girls love playing dress-up. Using your imagination is proven to be beneficial to a child’s development.

Reagan and her best friend, Keesha are spending the day together playing Fashion Show! A favorite pastime amongst kids of all ages.

Expressing yourself is something we at Family Roberto applaud. It’s fun for children (and adults, too) to “strike a pose, tip your hat, and walk down that runway like nobody’s business”.

What is a fashionista?

A fashionista is a person who loves fashion! Dresses, skirts, pants, shorts, shirts, etc. Putting something together on your own and flaunting your stuff!

Watch this FREE YouTube video of the Fashion Show.  Here your little one can join in the fun as they sing along to “Fashion Show,” performed by Reagan Rundus.

Expressing yourself makes you original.

We are all different and we think that’s awesome! You may like polka dot pants; I may like purple shoes. When we express ourselves, we are showing the world that we are unique.

In this musical kid’s video, Reagan and Keesha enjoy dancing on the light up stage and singing together as they try on different outfits.

Jay the blue bird is seen in a….. tuxedo?  Yep, it’s all here, in Reagan’s Room.

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Creative Play in Reagan’s Room Adventure series. Thanks for watching!