Reagan’s told by her dad to clean the kitchen. It’s not a favorite chore of hers, but it is her responsibility. Like doing a load of laundry, cleaning out the garage, or going to school so early in the morning. Life is hard sometimes! Reagan explains to her best friend, Jay the bluebird; she has 2 choices. She can clean the kitchen and be happy or clean the kitchen and be sad. Either way, she still must clean the kitchen. She realizes that having a positive outlook makes life a little easier.

Parents, do you want to empower your kids? Encourage them to think positively. Seeing the glass half full instead of half empty is a great way to start the day.

Character building, a positive mindset, exploring emotions, and encouraging values while using your imagination. It’s all in Reagan’s Room. An original song in every short video, filled with vibrant colors and adventure fun! She and her friends are dancing through the streets as Reagan sings, “Think positive.” If you don’t have this tune on your playlist, we encourage you to go buy “Happy” on Spotify. Life can be difficult. That’s why we are bringing in positive reinforcements to make your life a little brighter.

We would much rather enjoy a glass half filled with pink lemonade than a glass half empty of it.

Think Positive, friends! Be happy and believe that everything is gonna be ok.