Home on the Range in America! Kid’s Video & Song🐴

  • Home on the Range Kid's Song for kids
Home on the Range Kid's Song for kids

Home on the Range in America! Kid’s Video & Song🐴

Home on the Range Kid’s Video & Song!


A NEW animated series in Reagan’s Room that is American Proud – The Heartland of America!

Proud to be American! Reagan and friends love America and they set off to find some adventure fun in the Heartland. This short video is one of 5 videos in the mini-series. The videos are filled with fun while focusing on positive messages to help children make healthy choices out there in the real world.

Home on the Range song is an old cowboy favorite

Reagan sings this lullaby song to her best friend, Jay the blue bird. Reagan isn’t the only one that can sing. Click HERE to see Jay sing “The Blue Bird Rock, Count Your Blessing’s Kid’s”

Home on the Range Kid’s Video was a delight to create.

Reagan’s voice is versatile. She enjoys singing all kinds of fun kid’s songs. Whether it be nursery songs, dance songs, bedtime story songs or country songs. Your kids will enjoy all of the different tunes she has released. You can find some of her songs by clicking HERE! Personally, “Home on the Range” is our favorite thus far. 🐴

Country Kid’s exploring the Heartland of America!

Reagan is seen zipping through the countryside in her big red car. She & and her best little buckaroo stop off for a picnic lunch and suddenly the little bird starts yawning. Reagan lulls the little bird to sleep with her beautiful rendition of “Home on the Range”

America has so many great spots for adventure fun!

Reagan loves visiting amusement parks, most kids do! When the creators wrote the mini-series “Heartland of America”, they found a gem of a country adventure in the Heartland, Tennessee! “Wooohooo!”, Reagan says. Click HERE to see the place that inspired some of the adventures found in this kid’s show.

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