I spy

Kid’s outdoor games!

We’re gonna play a game. We hope you will play too. Have you ever heard of a game called I spy? It’s a game that we love to do. Get ready! We’re gonna have some fun. Oh, look, there’s the big orange sun. Open your eyes. Let’s play I spy!

Reagan and her friends are in her room playing video games, and Keesha starts to get bored. In this short kids’ video, Reagan leads the group outside for a child’s play game, I spy. Do you like to play outside? We sure do! Hide and seek, hopscotch, red light-green light. These are all traditional outdoor games that never get old. Reagan and her buddies walk up to the top of the hill to play I spy. How do you play? Well, in this family favorite game, the player who starts picks an object that everyone can see. The player then gives a hint about the object he or she sees, and the other players guess what it is. It’s super fun for all ages. Ask a parent, sibling, or friend to play. It’s sure to activate brainpower.

Young children love playing games. Outdoor games, indoor games, board games, puzzles, memory games, etc.

Not only are games fun, but they improve a child’s development. Let’s encourage our kids to play the old traditional style games too. Like marbles & jacks! Ahhhh, the good old days.

The children get hungry at the end of the animated short video because one of the objects is…PIZZA! Watch the full episode right here on YouTube. It’s FREE. We only ask for a “like” and/or tap on the subscribe button in return so Family Roberto can keep on creating kid’s content.

Wanna hear a joke? What type of person doesn’t like pizza? A weir-dough!