Jay’s Song Kid’s Video

Jay’s Song Kid’s Video

The Blue Bird Rock, Count Your Blessings

We never knew birds were so smart…. until now! Jay the blue bird is living life to the fullest, counting his blessings. What a wise bird!

We, the content creators of the original animated series, “Reagan’s Room” put a lot of thought into this kids show. We wanted to bring a little learning and substance to each cartoon episode without sacrificing fun and light -hearted wholesome entertainment.

Parents, teachers, families, and kids of all ages are chirping in like a blue bird to let us know they like it. We are so blessed to be doing what we love and making the world a little brighter, one story at a time. Thank YOU for tuning in and supporting us by giving us a “thumbs up” and subscribing to our YouTube Channel @familyroberto. YOU are a giant blessing to us. Heck, you are part of our family now!

We did a little research about Jay, the blue bird. He too has a strong family bond. Blue Jays are intelligent and loyal birds. They imitate other sounds, like the Hungry hawk. Blue Jays do this to warn their family “trouble is near, get back inside the birdhouse before you get gobbled up”.

In this short musical, Jay sings and inspires Reagan to enjoy life. Being alive is a huge blessing! Smiles, dancing, giggling while counting all the good things about our lives are seen in the video. Even the simple bits. Baking cookies (our favorite) or taking a walk and smelling the roses. These may seem like simple moments, but they are actually sparkling blessings!

* How about an interesting fact about this fascinating blue bird?

Blue jay birds love eating ants, like we love eating candy! But guess what? Ants taste horrible! They put off a stinky odor to protect themselves from their prey. Yet, these smart little blue birds use their brains and are problem solvers. Before they gobble up the ant, they rub the insect on their feathers to get the nasty smell off. Kind of like giving them a bath. Now the ant becomes a scrumptious treat.

Life is a gift. Every day is special.

Murray Rundus voices the character of Jay. He holds credits from performing on a National Broadway Tour to being a series-regular on a Disney XD show. Family Roberto counts his performance as a stupendous blessing!

Enjoy this light-hearted episode of “The Blue Bird Rock, Jay’s Song”. Parents, teachers, friends, and family can take turns with kids of all ages, pointing out fun items found in Jay’s birdhouse. Wherever you are, take a deep breath and be on the lookout for a blue jay. We have a feeling you may smile when you see one and….that’s a big, beautiful blessing.