• Memory Lane Reagans Room
Memory Lane Reagans Room

Memory Lane

If you are reading this description, we are almost certain you have gone down memory lane a few times too, are we right? We as parents, grandparents, teens, tweens, and even little ones have all been there. It’s part of this thing called life. Ahhhh We’ve got the happy-sad feelings when we watch this adorable kids musical story, Memory Lane. The new original series, “Reagan’s Room” is just so darn cute. The cool thing about this adventure time show is each episode includes an original (catchy we might add) song for your little kiddo to sing and dance to! Who knows, you just might get up and do some singing and dancing too as Reagan rides down memory lane in the children’s blue train! Do you remember the day you learned to tie your shoe? How about the time you learned to ride a bike? Do you remember how the air smelled right after it rained or how it felt on that first day of kindergarten school? Reagan from Reagan’s Room remembers special moments in her life too. She and her best friend, Jay the blue bird talk and giggle about memories in this imaginative kid’s musical show. It’s so awesome watching our kids grow up. For each milestone they pass, we as parents smile and congratulate them on their accomplishments. Yes, growing up is a part of life, we get it! But that doesn’t mean we can’t silently shed a tear or two as our kids are growing like weeds. The old saying rings loud and clear, don’t blink, they are grown before you know it. These little milestones are great big special moments! Make every day count, my friends and be sure to watch this FREE YouTube video all the way to the end to find out what kind of memory Jay the blue bird has. And remember to give us a “like” and even better subscribe to our YouTube channel at Family Roberto. Let’s create memories, together! (see what we did there?)