Pet Dino

What was your first pet? Kids of all ages love having pets. Whether it be a dog,cat,lizard or a rat, a pet just seems to make a home complete. In this fast-moving kid’s animation short film, Reagan gets a wonderful surprise when she wakes up in the morning. She finds out she is going to get her first pet, a PET DINO! Now, I don’t know about you, but this sounds exciting! How big is a dino? This green dinosaur is too big to sleep in Reagan’s bed, he’s too big to ride in the car but in this episode of Reagan’s Room original animated series produced by Family Roberto, he fits just perfectly in the little red wagon! That’s right, Reagan enjoys riding her bike throughout town while pulling her PET DINO in the little wagon. There’s something magical about this kid’s video! We had no idea there were still great big dinosaurs hanging around waiting for families to adopt them. Teehee. The cool thing about this kids cartoon series is in each episode, not only do you get to enjoy adventure, imaginative play and catchy kids songs but there is a valuable life lesson to boot! We are never too old to learn valuable life lessons! Like in the PET DINO, Reagan explains to her sidekick, Jay the blue bird, that having a pet is a big responsibility. A lot of time and care goes in to having a pet. Plus, we should treat our pets with love and kindness.
We love the ending of this FREE YouTube video so much. We love it so much we want to list the words below.
Jay the blue bird: Wow! I didn’t know pets could be so, well, BIG!
Reagan: Oh, pets come in all sizes, shapes and colors Jay.
Jay the blue bird: Kind of like people.
Reagan: Yes, there are short people, tall people, different color people, skinny and big people. What’s most important, is that all animals and all people just want to be treated with kindness and love.