Respect Video & Song for Kid’s. NO BULLY ZONE!

Respect Video & Song for Kid’s. NO BULLY ZONE!

Respect Video & Song for Kid’s. NO BULLY ZONE! Do your kids go to school? Join Reagan in Reagan’s Room and learn how to have respect at school – Don’t bully! Have Respect in the classroom

Respect is an important virtue, being a bully will only get you in trouble so Have Respect in the classroom!

Respect means you care about how others think, feel, and believe. In fact, when you respect others, you show them you value them. Everyone wants to feel appreciated. We can’t think of one person who enjoys being bullied. Family Roberto Productions create kids’ entertainment that’s fun and safe. In addition, we release videos that practice social skills, encourage practicing virtues and values so kids can be the best person they can be! As your child prepares for school, it’s important to tell them “Have respect at school – Don’t bully”

Watch the short video below, you will see a bully troll!

Click HERE to see the big bully of a troll.

Now watch Jay the blue bird. He is the opposite of a bully. Click HERE

Teaching our Kids to be respectful to themselves & others is crucial in a sometimes chaotic world. After all, our kid’s are our next President’s, Soldiers, Doctors, Teachers, Policewomen & men. Having respect for others yet still establishing boundaries is so important, would you agree? Watch HERE for more great advice from experts in child phycology & development. Respect in the classroom is important for the betterment of our children.

In the 3-D animated video, “Have Respect at school – Don’t Bully”, Reagan and her birdie friend eat a hamburger and fries at the Green Park Café. The two visit with each other, minding their own business and treating each other with respect. Meanwhile, a local school bully walks up to them. “Hey, that hamburger looks like your face, you dumb bird”. As a result, the little bird’s feelings are hurt.

Reagan stands up for her best friend, Jay. She refuses to let this bully get away with bad behavior. Billy needs to know the meaning of respect!

“Billy! That’s not a very nice thing to say. Jay is not a dumb bird. He’s my best friend”,

Furthermore, she tells him he needs to learn some manners.

We all like to feel good about ourselves. Showing & giving respect makes us strong. Bullies are weak

None of us enjoy getting our feelings hurt. For example, you may be a student at school or the president of a large company. Whoever you are, wherever you are, it’s best to let that beautiful light of yours shine as bright as the brightest star. We are all equally as important. Speaking of respect, we want to respect ourselves too. We have more confidence that way. Practice the golden rule. Treat other’s the way you want to be treated. You may see a person who looks different than you or perhaps acts a little funny. It takes all kinds of people to make this great big world work. Either way, be kind, and if you can’t say something nice, don’t say anything at all. Don’t be a bully. Respect in the classroom and respect everywhere.

Have you ever felt disrespected by a family member or a friend? Undoubtedly, there will be a time when a bully approaches you. How will you handle it? We are confident you will handle it like a champion. Walk away from the bully and if he or she continues to bother you, go to a trusted family member, teacher or friend and explain what’s happening. Real friends are not bullies.

Reagan sings an original song about respect

The young girl sings as she strolls through the halls of a local school in the hope of stopping kids from disrespecting one another.

In the meantime, Billy the bully is feeling guilty for saying unkind words to the little bird. In fact, he apologizes to Jay. The little bird warms our hearts with his ability to forgive. He even invites Billy to play some baseball. Reagan also forgives Billy and the three are now friends.

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In conclusion, we respectfully ask for a thumbs up and/or subscribe to our channel to show you support our message of NO BULLYING. Have respect in the classroom so you can learn more. A message audiences of all ages can benefit from. Whether it’s in the classroom, home, at a friend’s house, in a store or on a walk, we all should have respect for ourselves and each other.

Furthermore, remember what Reagan sings in the song “Respect.” “This I know is true, it all starts with me and you”

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