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Reagans room on youtube

Something Special In You

Children ask a lot of hard-to-answer questions. When you’re not sure what to say, it’s always best to stick with the truth, and Something Special In You is all about that!

Parents and kids can research together the answer that best suits their family.

In this emotional episode of Reagan’s Room, Reagan sings a lovely song about life’s questions. “What’s it like to fly? I don’t think I’ll ever know. When songbirds sing their songs, what are they saying to one another? When you wish upon a star, how does the wish travel up so far? Rainbows offer hope, I’m told. Is there really a pot of gold? How do I know the answers to the questions that I’m given? What does it mean when they tell me that an angel got its wings? How do I know what to do when I can’t think things through? What is something special to you?

Every child wants to know who, what, where, and why

What’s it like at the bottom of the sea? Is there buried treasure? A mermaid swims so gracefully, but I’ve not yet been able to find her. Why do the flowers bloom in spring and not the winter? Where do sunsets go? Who put the color in the rose?” So many unanswered questions in life. We can’t think of anyone who has all the answers. If you find someone who knows everything about everything, send their contact information to us, we’ve got to meet this person! Family Roberto wants you to know with certainty there’s something good, something special, something wonderful….in YOU.