• Sunflower song for kids
Sunflower song for kids


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A child’s dream filled with happiness is like a field of sunflowers. The two go well together. Vibrant colors and a peaceful feeling of contentment.

Let’s all be sunflowers! We can spread seeds of happiness.

In this short musical story, Reagan and her best friend, Jay the bluebird, take an adventure that is like that of a dream. The two friends visit a farm, and along the way, they meet singing animal characters. The ants sing, “We work together, stay together. That’s how we get things done”.

Teamwork is beneficial in a child’s life. When we work together, we get things done. Teamwork teaches children to respect others and work through problems together.

We at Family Roberto love this song, “Let’s Be Sunflowers.” The song is available on many streaming sites like Spotify, Pandora, apple music, Tik Tok and more. It’s just one of those feel-good songs for kids of all ages. Adults seem to love it too. Every time we see a sunflower, we are reminded of spreading seeds of happiness. That’s what those colorful guys do! They stand tall and strong. Whenever it’s dark, they search for light.

Rise & Shine! Hold your head high, like the sunflowers!

We love the lyrics to this song so much that we thought we would share them right here. We hope you share the message of hope with your kids. They need a lot of encouragement in this busy world.

“I’ve never seen a sunflower all alone in a field. That’s because they need each other to grow. A pack of wolves lives in a den, and dolphins swim so gracefully together in the sea. Let’s be sunflowers. Spread seeds of happiness. Stand tall and be strong. Together we sing along. Let’s be sunflowers. Whenever it’s dark, we search for the light, rise, shine, and hold our heads high. Let’s be sunflowers. If ever there comes a time in life when miles keep us apart. Remember, you are always in my heart. Time goes on, and all things change, but one thing stays the same. Our love for each other remains the same. Let’s Be Sunflowers.

In this short, animated story, the kids have a wonderful adventure with the understanding that we all benefit from it when we work together.

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We all have the potential to be…….A Sunflower. Bright, beautiful, and strong people. Every one of us.