Teach Your Children Well Video & Song For Kids

Teach Your Children Well Video & Song For Kids

Teach Your Children Well Musical Video & Song – Reagan’s Room Original Animated Series

Hope. We all want it. We all need it but…we have to teach it! It starts with teaching manners.

We all have the potential to give it. Be kind and love one another.

Notice the three words above in italics. want – need- give.

Those 4 letter words are powerful to us. Wanna know why?

When we want our lives to be good, we try our best to accomplish our goal. When we need help, we realize our vulnerabilities and accept that we aren’t perfect. When we give of ourselves to make the world a better place by us being in it, we have succeeded. Want, need, and give would be the ingredients to a healthy cup of hope for us. That’s why we titled this episode…”Teach Your Children Well”. We believe the message of hope is soooo important!

What does HOPE mean to you? When we all embrace diversity, the world becomes a brighter place!

Maybe you think a little differently. Whatever your definition of hope is, share it with your children and see what they believe the meaning of hope is. When we spend a little time talking with each other, we find out so much about the person.

In this special episode of Reagan’s room, we see a senior citizen who spends time volunteering at the children’s hospital. He inspires the kids with his stories and songs. Reagan and her best friend visit with Mr. Shields about volunteering. He encourages them to help with chores around the house, assist a neighbor, etc. We hope you enjoy this short, animated video.

Cup of Hope Song Lyrics to teach yourself & your kids!

performed by Harry Shields & Reagan Rundus

I spend a lot of time talking to people

Stories come from all over the world

Some are sad and some are happy

Even stories that are really funny

People are so different

Yet we really are the same

We wanna live. ..We wanna love,

We want to have…. HOPE

I’m drinking a cup of hope

It’s what I need in the morning

When I wake up and see the world around me

H – lend a Helping Hand

OOffer love to Others


E – Hope means Everything to me

yea yea yea

Hope means everything to me.

I’m hoping that we will all join hands together

There’s room for all of us in this great big world

Love, happiness & peace

Say no to hate and be kind, please

People are so different

Yet we are really the same

We wanna live

We wanna love

We want to have ……HOPE

Reagan’s Room songs are filled with hope. Visit our store HERE and download many tunes from Reagan’s Room. Another favorite episode of ours in Reagan’s Room. This video speaks acceptance to all right HERE

Wanna get even more inspired about teaching our kids what it means to have good character? Click HERE to watch. Just so happens, the song is titled “Teach Your Children Well” 🙂 Head over to our Blog page. Fun little things are added there regularly too!

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