Beauty & The Beast 🐯 Princess Video👸 Spoiled Prince in 🏰

  • Beauty and the beast, fairytales for kids
Beauty and the beast, fairytales for kids

Beauty & The Beast 🐯 Princess Video👸 Spoiled Prince in 🏰

Don’t judge a book by its cover!

That is one of the many messages in today’s popular fairytale Beauty and the Beast! Here, the magical story retold by Ruby from Ruby’s Storytime! In the 3-D animation episode we see beautiful scenes, hear beautiful music, and see a magical story of how love can transform a person!

Who wrote this beautiful fairytale called Beauty & The Beast?

This famous story written by the French noblewoman Gabrielle-Suzanne de Villeneuve over 200 years ago!

How does Ruby decide which story to read?

Ruby has many books in her library! One of her favorite ways of picking out the next story to read is to toss her red velvet cleaning cloth in the air, and whatever book it lands on, she reads! This makes things easier for her as it can be easy to spend hours in the library just thinking about all the different books she could read! This is one of Ruby’s favorite stories and she was very glad that her red cleaning cloth landed on it so that she could tell it to us all!

What else does Beauty & The Beast story teach us?

Outside of teaching us not to judge others based on looks, it also shows us how love can transform a person. In this case, the beast transformed into a prince, but he also changed on the inside. At the start of the story, the Beast doesn’t care much for others and only loves himself. When the Beast meets the love of his life, he really does change. This shows that we can change too. Even though we aren’t beasts, we can become better human beings if we have love in our hearts and show love to others.

Lastly, see how beauty and the beast are transformed here , on this latest episode of Family Roberto! Make sure to click the like and subscribe button to help us keep creating free fairytales! Wanna watch another fairytale from Ruby’s Storytime? Click HERE

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