Fairytale of Snow White, The Evil Queen And Her Magic Mirror

  • Snow white and the evil queen, stories for kids, princess stories
Snow white and the evil queen, stories for kids, princess stories

Fairytale of Snow White, The Evil Queen And Her Magic Mirror

Fairytale of Snow White, A Brother’s Grimm English Tale

Storytime – Online

What is the difference between a harpsichord and a piano?

We asked ourselves that question too. Although the two instruments look similar, they are very different from each other. The harpsichord’s strings are plucked while the piano’s strings are hammered. Plus, the two magnificent instruments sound different from one another as well. Music, toys, games, books. Wanna visit a cool storytime site? Click HERE

What does a harpsichord have to do with the Fairytale of Snow White?

We thought you would never ask. Ruby, the kindhearted narrator of Ruby’s Storytime, has many talents. Not only is she an excellent storyteller, but she’s also a talented musician to boot. In the opening of the classic fairy tale, “Snow White, Ruby’s Storytime,” Ruby’s seen in her library. Thousands of books are displayed on shelves. It takes a tall ladder to get to some of the Classic Children’s Literature Books, but Ruby seems to know the location of every book.

We at Family Roberto create wholesome family entertainment. Our content can be enjoyed by adults & kids of all ages. We like to gently emphasize that we don’t wish to replace reading story books with videos. We believe there’s a place for both! Nothing smells better than an old leather-bound book. Ok, we take that back. Ruby’s apple pie has the book beat with the smells, but you get what we mean, right?

In this family-favorite fairytale film

We pulled out all the stops. 3-D animation with animal characters. Beautiful singing from Snow White, voiced by Reagan Rundus. A fairy fantasy land where the seven little dwarves live, an evil queen, a king, a queen, and so much more. You won’t want to miss this FREE entertainment video on YouTube. We kindly ask for a like and tap the subscribe button if you will; it really does mean a lot to us.

Ok, enough about us. Once upon a time, in a castle far away, there lived a King and Queen. They loved each other very much. The Queen had a darling baby girl. The day the baby girl was born, the kingdom had a magical snowfall. The land was blanked with snow. In fact, that’s how Snow White got her name! After the princess was born, her mother died. Leaving the child motherless. Her father soon remarried, and was that ever a mistake? The woman he married wasn’t anything like the gracious Queen but rather a wicked old witch.

That evil queen was a rotten apple!

Snow White grew up to be a fine young lady. She didn’t have an entitled bone in her body. She did her chores, swept the floors, cooked, and did the laundry all with a glad heart.

Entitled? What does that mean? Entitled means a person thinks they deserve something without putting forth any effort. We can think of someone who thought she was entitled to anything in a house that didn’t belong to her. It’s a classic fairytale too. Goldilocks! That girl had some nerve. Snow White was the complete opposite.

There is an evil plot in this story. Lots of adventure and excitement. Snow White meets many adorable friends. Sing, laugh, and enjoy life, but she has some difficult challenges. Will she escape the control of the evil queen? Is her life in danger? Will she find…true love? We have an idea. Press the button on the above video to find out. The suspense is killing us! After you watch the video, perhaps you want to visit our blog section for some fun! Click HERE

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