Five Little Ducks Video, Ruby’s Storytime

  • five little ducks, learning songs for kids, poems, number songs
five little ducks, learning songs for kids, poems, number songs

Five Little Ducks Video, Ruby’s Storytime

A children’s song & story of five little ducks.

Ruby’s Storytime – Online

Today on Family Roberto, Ruby sings one of our favorite nursery rhymes, Five Little Ducks! Ruby loved singing this song while she relaxed by her camper near the river! Sing along with us!

What is a nursery rhyme?

Nursery rhymes are songs for children that are usually very traditional and old! This nursery rhyme might be sung with different words sometimes, just like in some folk songs or in other nursery rhymes. Some nursery rhymes are over 400 years old; can you believe it? In this nursery rhyme, we get to hear and see five little ducklings who are very careless and cheerful while they do all sorts of silly things! Watch and sing along with this latest episode of Ruby’s Storytime!

What does Ruby like doing by the river?

Ruby loves taking road trips in her camper. She gets to bring her books, including her songbooks with her nursery rhymes! She goes all over the place to see her many friends, including the five little ducks! Ruby loves singing songs, reading, having fun with her silly friends, taking naps, and drinking some ice-cold lemonade!

Does Ruby have a favorite duckling?

Ruby loves all the ducklings equally! But they are also all equally silly, swimming away from each other quite often! But the silly things that the ducklings do is what makes them unique and is one of the reasons Ruby loves seeing them by the river! Watch the video and find out what your favorite duckling is!

So, sit back, relax, maybe have a glass of lemonade like Ruby and enjoy our version of Five Little Ducks here on Family Roberto for free! Make sure to hit the like and subscribe buttons to support us so that we can keep telling these stories and singing nursery rhymes!