Gingerbread Man Video-Run Run as Fast As you can -RAP SONG

  • characters in the ginger bread man
characters in the ginger bread man

Gingerbread Man Video-Run Run as Fast As you can -RAP SONG

The Gingerbread Man Video packs a punch with a full rap song by RUN GBC! (CLEAN)

American Children’s Literature

Who can catch the Gingerbread Man?

In this episode of Ruby’s Storytime, Ruby was shocked to find that one of her great Gingerbread cookies ran off! Can anyone catch him before he causes any trouble?

Who wrote this story?

This story comes from many different folktales, including the 1875 St. Nicholas tale! There are many stories like it that appear in folk tales in places like Hungary, Czechia, and other places throughout Europe. That’s part of the beauty of these old fairytales is that they have a long history that is from many different countries! No matter which country you are from, these stories have the same meaning and apply to us all.

What other new characters appear in The Gingerbread Man Video?

One of the new characters that we haven’t seen before in Ruby’s Storytime is the fox. This clever and sly fox offers the Gingerbread man some help when he gets to the river. Will the fox help or hurt the Gingerbread man? Foxes are oftentimes very beautiful creatures, but they are also sly and suspicious, and this fox is no exception!

What is Ruby’s favorite thing to cook?

In the winter, Ruby loves to cook sweets for her nephews. One of her favorites has always been to bake gingerbread man cookies for them, but this time one of the cookies ran off! Ruby will be sure not to allow any of her cookies to run away from her ever again. She will have to double-check her ingredient list next time! Find out if Ruby and her nephews can catch this Gingerbread man on this episode of Ruby’s Storytime!

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RUN GBC likes rap music. We think it’s pretty cool too. Click HERE for more rap (clean style)

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