Goodnight Moon, Ruby’s Storytime

  • Goodnight moon comes to life bedtime story
Goodnight moon comes to life bedtime story

Goodnight Moon, Ruby’s Storytime

Goodnight moon

On today’s episode of Ruby’s Storytime, Ruby reads a very special bedtime story, Goodnight Moon!

Ruby loves this story because it gives great care to everything, the pieces of furniture, even the little mouse on the floor is said goodnight to! This is a perfect story to wind down and go to sleep with! So, join us today on Family Roberto in reading this great story!

Who wrote Goodnight Moon?

Goodnight Moon was written by Margaret Wise Brown in 1947. The bedtime story didn’t do too well at first, but eventually, the book became one of the most successful bedtime stories ever written! Goodnight Moon is not like most fairytales that contain magical beasts or a story with twists and turns but are instead great just because of how simple it is. That is what makes it such a nice story to read before bed! While Goodnight Moon may not be a fairytale-like Hansel and Gretel, it references some, like Goldilocks and the Three Bears in the picture of the bears sitting in chairs. Sometimes it can be good to read part of a fairytale and then finish the day by reading a simpler bedtime story.

What does Ruby like to do before bed?

Ruby loves to put on her pajamas, sometimes make a warm cup of tea, snuggle up in bed, and, most importantly, read a bedtime story or fairytale! Bedtime stories are the perfect thing to use to relax after a long day. What do you like to do before bedtime? Whatever you do before bedtime, we hope you will join us in winding down the day with Ruby’s reading of Goodnight Moon.

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