Little Red Hen Makes Bread Video 🐔🍞

  • the little red hen, stories for kids about patience and hardwork, bedtime stories
the little red hen, stories for kids about patience and hardwork, bedtime stories

Little Red Hen Makes Bread Video 🐔🍞

An American Fable

Ruby, the narrator of Ruby’s Storytime retells this story adding a few twists of her own. She loves hanging out in her vintage camper. Ruby has been seen frying up potatoes, stirring a crockpot filled with beef stew but today, she’s baking some sourdough bread. Sourdough bread is becoming a trend because it’s so delicious and fairly easy to make. The bread is mostly used in cookies, pizza, bread, and cakes. No wonder kids love this sourdough bread!

Attention all future bakers! Ruby’s ingredients aren’t exactly accurate. She uses butter, milk and a lemon. With traditional sourdough bread, you only need flour, water and salt.

We at Family Roberto never said Ruby was an excellent cook but she does work hard at it and that’s worth something, right? This story-online is a funny short animated film but there’s a message we all should take from this FREE YouTube video. Work hard, and help out when you can. When we help and contribute our time to benefit others, the world gets brighter and brighter.

Do you remember when you helped out a family member or a friend? It’s rewarding and makes us feel good about the situation and ourselves!

The Little Red Hen, she’s a busy little worker. Oh! and her favorite color is red. She lives in a red barn and drives around the farm in her little red car. They say the color red is the symbol of passion and energy. You go little red hen!

As you watch this short 3-D animation, you might find yourself needing an afternoon nap. That little red hen will not stop until she finishes her job, making sourdough bread. Sadly, her best friends did not feel like helping her. They didn’t help at all for that matter, until the very end of the show. They offered to help the little red hen eat the bread. “Not so fast”, screamed the hen. “You would not help me plant the seeds, cut down the wheat, take the wheat to the miller, make the dough and bake the bread. You will not be eating my bread”.

The truth is, the little red hen couldn’t count on her friends to help her with anything, she ended up doing everything herself. We understand her frustration. A lot of work and preparation goes into baking homemade bread. What is the moral to this story? We bet you can think of one or two. Click HERE to read aloud the story in a fun little way

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