• Little red riding hood, stories about danger and following rules
Little red riding hood, stories about danger and following rules

Little Red Riding Hood

Watch Our Animated Fairytale Video, “The Little Red Riding Hood” on YouTube by Family Roberto

Scary stories to tell in the dark, OR NOT!  Little Red Riding Hood is sent into the woods by her mother to deliver a basket of cookies to her grandma who has fallen sick.  This classic Grimm’s’ Fairy Tale is an exciting story for kids of all ages.  Do you have a little child who wants a Red Riding Hood costume for Halloween?  This short bedtime story video shows you just how easy it is to create your own diy red riding hood cape.  Simply wear a red skirt and/or dress & pick up a red hoodie.  BOOM! They are ready to venture through the forest with their basket of treats.  Click HERE to view the costumes for little red riding hood.

What is the moral of this story?

This is the perfect short, animated film to show your children when teaching them about stranger danger.  The Big Bad Wolf is planning to trap little red riding hood with a wicked twist of danger!  Now, if you ask us here at Family Roberto, we believe there’s nothing scarier than a hungry werewolf on the hunt for his prey and this big guy (wolf, we mean) pulls out all the stops!  Don’t worry, we wont spoil the ending here.  Be sure to watch the full video right here on Youtube and the cool thing is…it’s completely FREE!  

In the mood for another wolf fairytale?

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We just kindly ask you to hug your kids tight and teach them to think independently. Tell them never to talk to strangers, especially werewolves.  Oh, while your at it, a “like” or a click on the subscribe button would be nice too.  Nighty Night, Sleep tight and don’t let the bed bugs bite.

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