Magical Girl Fairytale, CINDERELLA STORYTIME

Magical Girl Fairytale, CINDERELLA STORYTIME

Ruby’s Storytime

Audiences of all ages can appreciate this classic magical girl fairytale of Cinderella. The popular tale, written by the Grimm Brothers, now has many versions of this fantasy story. In Ruby’s Storytime version, Cinderella transforms from rags to riches. All the while never losing sight of her dreams. Although she was a princess for only an evening, her courage and confidence in herself led her to a bright future.

Where did Cinderella get her name?

In this short animated video, Ella lost her mother to a terrible sickness leaving her father to raise her. He tried his best, but he knew there would come a time for Ella to have a mother figure. So, he married a woman who became Ella’s Stepmother.

Ella had two spoiled rotten daughters who tormented Ella. They were jealous of her beauty, so they teased her endlessly. One day, one of the stepsisters told Ella she was a filthy nothing, like the Cinder ash in the fireplace. Hence, that’s how Ella got her name… Cinder-Ella.

What makes the Magical Girl Fairytale so magical?

It was a sad day as everyone was invited to a grand ball hosted by the Royal Family. The stepsisters and their wicked stepmother insisted on Cinderella to make their dresses. The young girl made the dresses and was sadly told SHE would not be attending. Again, jealousy lived in the hearts of the stepmother & stepsisters. They poked fun at the girl. “You will not be going to the ball because you are a filthy nothing.” Poor, poor Cinderella.

The magic began as soon as the stepsisters and stepmother left the house for the ball. A fairy magically appeared from the fireplace holding a wand filled with fairy dust. It is then the young peasant girl’s dreams become a reality. A pumpkin turned into a horse-drawn carriage, and the girl’s rags turned into the most beautiful blue gown. She was transported to the ball, feeling like a real princess.

Does she meet the love of her life?

She and the prince lock eyes as soon as Cinderella enters the ballroom. It was Love at first sight! The two danced, laughed, and dined together. Everything was perfect.


The clock struck midnight, and the fairy was very clear in stating her rules. With magic comes rules, right? Cinderella was to be back home by the last stroke of the clock. She ran as fast as she could to catch the carriage home. While doing so, she left her slipper behind!

Does the Prince go looking for his true love?

Yes, he does! he finds her, and the two get married and live happily ever after in the royal castle!

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