Mother Holle Ruby’s Storytime

  • mother holle funny and scary story
mother holle funny and scary story

Mother Holle Ruby’s Storytime

Grimms Fairytale

Frau Holle is an old German Fairytale by the Brothers Grimm. In English, the title of the classic favorite is Mother Holle. This classic folktale is filled with vibrant colors, magnificent scenery, and lovely music. In this action-packed short video, families can watch together FREE on YouTube and analyze the moral of the story. Sometimes, the moral of the story is completely different than the other person’s view. It’s refreshing to get someone else’s perspective. Not only with movies but books, food, music, beliefs, etc.

Take turns sharing your perspectives in regard to the moral of this story. What is the lesson learned? Then, watch it again to see if you agree or disagree.

Ruby, the narrator of Mother Holle- Ruby’s Storytime, is a bit quirky and absent-minded, but she has a natural talent for storytelling. Ruby spends a lot of time in her library at home, but when she needs some relaxation, she takes off in her car, pulls her vintage camper, and goes where the spirit takes her. She used to always sing to her children when they were little and, in fact, still sings to them to this day even though they tower over her in height. Ruby sings an original song titled “The Oven Song.”

We at Family Roberto believe there is a lesson learned in this song. “Take the bread out of the oven before it burns.” Ok, maybe we are analyzing a bit much, but it is a good idea to make sure when you start something, you follow through till you’re finished, would you agree? Or….do you think the lesson is something else?

Family Roberto takes no shortcuts in production. With 3-D animation, original music, narration, and creative writing, we take pride in this short film.

You will hear a constant classical piano score played in this fairytale, and we thought you might want to know who’s playing this enchanting piece. Murray Rundus, child actor for Disney XD’s “Gamer’s Guide to Pretty Much Everything.” He starred as the teen character Wendell. Murray entertained audiences from the tender age of 7 in dinner theaters, talent shows, events for seniors, Holiday productions as a singer, and even performing in front of thousands for a musical national tour. He is now a college student and, in his spare time, enjoys writing music. To our delight, he composed this classical piece entitled “Holle’s Theme.”

Aside from music, the video takes us on an imaginative journey down a dark well and into a paradise setting. One girl meets Mother Holle and obeys and does as she’s told. The other girl disobeys and refuses to help the gentle old woman. You will see both girls learn the meaning of consequence. We won’t spoil the ending of this fantasy-like story. What we can say is “sometimes hard work pays off”