Rapunzel – Princess Fairytales And English Bedtime Stories

Rapunzel – Princess Fairytales And English Bedtime Stories

Rapunzel English Fairytale Is A Family Favorite Story

Our version of Rapunzel is more based on the original story by the Brothers Grimm. Ruby from Ruby’s Storytime narrates and brings this fairytale to life!

What Characters Are In Rapunzel English Fairytale?

In this exciting adventure, not only does Ruby from Ruby’s Storytime narrate the tale, you will see Rapunzel as a baby, her parents, a wicked witch, a dragon, and of course, a prince.

What Does The Wicked Witch Want From Rapunzel?

Join us for the adventure of Rapunzel English Fairytale. In this short video, it becomes evident the wicked witch has the most selfish heart as she displays greed and takes joy in Rapunzel’s sadness.

Do You Like Fairytales?

We do too! You can learn about the benefits of fairytales in the blog section of our family-friendly website. We offer so much more than fairytales and awesome 3D animations. So, don’t forget to check that out too!!

What Lessons Did You Learn from This Fairytale?

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Rapunzel English Fairytale, Ruby’s Storytime

Ruby brings such fun to our animated 3d adventures. Join Ruby as she sings and narrates classic and original stories.

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