The Boy Who Cried Wolf Fairytale, Ruby’s Storytime

The Boy Who Cried Wolf Fairytale, Ruby’s Storytime

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Everyone likes to hear a joke occasionally. Jokes are funny and make people laugh, and laughter is the best medicine. Yet, we can get carried away sometimes with joking, and that can lead to hurt feelings.

The Boy Who Cried Wolf” is one of our favorite stories. The moral of the story is clear. Don’t lie, even if you are joking. We can’t tell you how many times we have heard the statement, “I was just joking.” To tell you the truth, all of us at Family Roberto Productions have been guilty of using this phrase once or twice in our lives. We have concluded that using that phrase in conversation could be risky and could make someone uncomfortable. Instead, we would ask, “Do you want to hear a joke?” rather than play a practical joke on someone. We play it safe here at Family Roberto.

What is the difference between a joke and a practical joke?

These two words couldn’t be more different! It’s wild that they use “joke” in the word “practical joke”. Jokes are intended to make people smile, while practical jokes are meant to make people feel bad about themselves.

In this short- 3-D animated film, Edward the exterminator shows up at Ruby’s Storytime Headquarters. Ruby calls him to come to catch a spider that could very well be poisonous, and she asks him to remove it. Edward comes in and, right off the bat, begins scaring the pants off her! (Figuratively speaking, of course). He screams, “the spider is up there, the spider is down there, “oh look, the spider is in your hair,” and so on. Oh, you will see when you watch the FREE YouTube video that Ruby is not amused.

In each classic children’s favorite story, Ruby’s Storytime – Online provides a story within a story. Some say Ruby’s Storytime is a collection of fairytales & fables. Although that’s true, we also add a modern twist to spice things up a bit, like Edward, the pest removal guy.

Family is so important to us! Our mission is to encourage more family time while entertaining and teaching kids how to have positive character traits.

Young and old alike will see Eddie as the culprit in this fable. It all takes place in a village where many people are working in the fields. Eddie is lazy and doesn’t want to contribute. He thinks of everything to get out of helping with chores. A practical jokester he is, and the villagers don’t take this sitting down. You won’t see any smiles on the villager’s faces today. “Wolf, wolf!! help me!! come help me!! the wolf is going to eat me”! The people come running to rescue the young boy only to find out he is lying and playing a practical joke. Eddie enjoys seeing the shock and terror on the honest worker’s faces.

Does Eddy make it out alive, or does he get eaten by the big bad wolf?

You didn’t think we would tell you how the story ends right here, did you? Press play, and afterward, speak kindly to your kids about the importance of telling the truth. Remind them if they are going to tell a joke, make sure it brings joy to the person they’re telling the joke to. Lastly, we suggest leaving the practical jokes way up high, out of reach, on a shelf. Right where they belong.