The Emperor’s New Clothes English Fairytale Video

  • silly emperors story for kids
silly emperors story for kids

The Emperor’s New Clothes English Fairytale Video

The Emperor’s New Clothes English Fairytale Video. A family-friendly short movie for audiences of all ages. A valuable lesson to boot!

Who wrote The Emperor’s New Clothes?

That would be the magnificent Hans Christian Andersen. His masterpieces are perfect if you are wanting fun bedtime stories. Not only bedtime stories but moral stories for your children. We guess you could call this film a story and a moral video. While it is a colorful film filled with humor and flare, there is an important lesson to be learned for audiences of all ages. Always trust yourself. You know the truth. Be a leader. The Emperor’s New Clothes English Fairytale holds a very important lesson for all.

What’s so funny about this favorite kid’s story?

The emperor is hilarious in the way he talks and acts. He’s certainly self absorbed, but if you watch the YouTube video all the way to the end, you will see that something changes. A young child confronts the emperor and brings him back to reality with her words of wisdom. That’s right! Children are filled with wisdom and we as parents, teachers, and grandparents can learn a lot from them. The little girl is wise beyond her years and tells the popular king of the empire he doesn’t have any clothes on. Only his underpants! What’s so funny? Well, have you ever seen a king parade down the cobblestone streets only wearing pink underpants? LOL! Nor have we, until now.

Watch Ruby as she is the storyteller of this children’s story

Ruby from Ruby’s Storytime has her own surprise at the end of this magical story. You can watch The Emperor’s New Clothes here for FREE, just click and watch. Be sure to give us a like and subscribe to our channel. Or…if you wish to purchase this masterpiece video, click on Amazon Prime Video and it can be yours! Forever!

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