The Frog Prince

Ruby’s Storytime – Online – English Fairytales

A castle, a powerful King, a princess, beautiful dresses, fine dining, and a frog?

How in the world did a frog get included in this Storytime online video?

You’re about to find out right here. Family Roberto presents this classic fairy tale, The Frog Prince. We take pride in offering quality, family-friendly entertainment. Our kid & family content is available on many streaming platforms, including YouTube, FREE. We encourage you to get comfy on the couch and enjoy this short, animated movie. Ruby takes us on a scenic drive through the mountains, pulling her vintage camper. She forgot to pack her snacks on this long road trip and starts to get hungry.

After a while, she comes up to a restaurant. She steps inside, and the Fairytale begins. The cool thing about Ruby’s Storytime is the viewer gets a story within a story. Like the old saying, “More bang for your buck,” except we don’t require any bucks here. All we ask is for a like on YouTube, or better yet, hit that subscribe button so we can continue making great content for kids.

A young princess finds herself bored in the castle, and her father gives her a golden ball.

He tells her to go outside and play with it, toss it up and catch it. The princess obeys her father and ventures outside, tossing the ball up as she sings and skips along. She tossed the ball up but didn’t catch it, and the ball rolled and bounced into a well. This well was very dark and deep. The princess was quite alarmed. Would she ever get her ball back?

This is where the frog comes in as friends. This little green funny-looking frog appeared and marveled at her beauty. He told her he would retrieve the ball if she promised to take him back to the castle, where the two could dine together for dinner, play games, and dance. The frog also requested to sleep aside her. The young girl promised and gave him her word she would honor his requests.

What does a promise mean to you?

We can teach our kids that promises should be kept if it doesn’t put themselves or others in danger. Keeping a promise means you are a person of your word. That means you have integrity, and that is a good quality to have.

Ok, let’s get back to the story. The young girl waited for the frog to rescue the golden ball, and as soon as she had her hands on it, she skipped back home without the frog. She broke her promise.

With a knock on the door, the frog confronted the girl by interrupting the dinner she was having with her father. The king heard of her broken promise and scolded the child, “I have always taught you to keep your promises as long as it doesn’t put you or others in danger. You must do the right thing and keep your promise.” The princess listened to her father and apologized to the frog. The two ate together, played games together, and sang songs. The little frog fell asleep on the pillow beside her. All seemed well.

The story doesn’t end there; you will have to watch and listen as Ruby finishes this enchanting fairytale. This animated 3-D short film is FROGtastic, we promise!