The Little Match Girl, Ruby’s Storytime

The Little Match Girl, Ruby’s Storytime

Literary Fairytale

Retold by Ruby, Ruby’s Storytime

Little Match Girl:

There are always dreams and hope

That is the message of today’s fairy tale today on Ruby’s Storytime. Even in times of hardship and difficulty, there are always dreams and hopefulness that can bring anyone comfort.

Who wrote this story?

This story was written by the famous Hans Christian Andersen. Andersen was also the writer of other famous stories like The Little Mermaid, The Ugly Duckling, and The Emperor’s New Clothes. This story was written over 100 years ago and yet still touches the hearts of people today!

How does the girl remain happy in this story?

The girl in the story remains happy and consoled because she keeps up hope and has pleasant dreams given by her matches. It shows us the importance of having a good outlook on life, even when things are hard. The girl also encounters the spirit of her grandmother, which shows the importance of family in keeping us motivated to keep going through life, even if it is the example or memory of our family members.

Does Ruby like telling sad stories or happy ones more?

Ruby likes to tell them both! Just like in life, some moments are hard and sad, and other moments are happy and glad. Either way, we have tools like stories like this to help us through those moments. We can look at the characters and see what they go through to help us in our lives. This story is special because it mixes both moments of life and shows how happy dreams and hopefulness can turn those sad moments into ones that are joyful and comforting.

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